The Existence of Underwater Aliens

It has been widely believed by experts that life outside of our planet could exist in one of the moons in the solar system due to the higher percentage they have over some planets.

In 2005, NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft spotted hydrothermal sprays coming from one of the moons of Saturn which confirmed the existence of massive oceans beneath the icy surface of the moon. Scientists believe that they had made a massive breakthrough regarding the search for Extraterrestrial Life. It has been widely speculated how Enceladus gets its sustained energy to remain active. However, there are more speculations regarding truth behind the icy moon.

Life on Saturns Moon Enceladus?? NASA Explains How This Could Be Possible

The thickness of the icy shell surrounding Enceladus is said to be around 25 kilometers. However, it is around one kilometer only at the South Pole of that moon where the icy plumes were found.

The theory of underwater aliens is suggested by Gael Choblet who is an astrobiologist who said, “Whatever the core’s composition in terms of rocks, it has to have water within it…maybe 20 or 30% water.” The existence of water, heat and energy may have allowed life to exist beneath the surface of the planet as it has been ongoing for millions of years.

By: Ari Draca


Ragnar Larsen