Extraterrestrials : An Edge To Balance The Sheet

“The Davos dinner may represent the great leap forward we need to unravel the fact that corporations and governments are doing business with star visitors,” says Boylan, widely regarded by ufologists as a specialist in intergalactic mergers and acquisitions.

Boylan says he isn’t surprised the forum neglected to invite him and his colleagues to Davos for the first significant, high-level discussion on emerging alien markets and other popular conspiracy theories that stretch from whether the U.S. government was behind the attacks of Sept. 11 to the question of whether Humpty Dumpty fell or was pushed off the wall.

“I’ve learned to live with insults,” the 64-year-old psychologist says from his home in California. “Billions of dollars have been spent to intimidate witnesses and use the giggle factor to put on a funny farm anyone who suggests corporations have privatized extraterrestrial technology.”
According to the calmly resolute Boylan, more than 100 extraterrestrial races are in cahoots with companies including IBM, Ford, Lucent Technologies, Northrop Grumman, Dow Corning, Monsanto, Boeing and European Aeronautic, Defense & Space Co.

“Most Earth corporations are working with visitors from the Altair star system,” Boylan says. Altair is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, 15.7 light-years from Wall Street.

Forum participant Martin Reese, Britain’s royal astronomer, says, “There is no logical or illogical reason why Earth corporations would be doing business with Altair.”

Although Altairian executives were unavailable for comment, Francois Auque, a managing director at EADS, says he’s eager to hear from them. “I’d love to establish links with extraterrestrials,” says Auque, one of the businessmen behind the Aurora Project to discover if there’s water on Mars. “So far, no messages on my cell phone.”

Rattling off lists of purported government documents and first-person testimonies, Boylan says star visitors have instructed global leaders to publicly reveal the intergalactic mergers by 2007. Still, the American academic frets that the politicians of Earth won’t honor the deal and that the forum’s conspiracy dinner may be part of the conspiracy.

“If all the extraterrestrial technology came out at once,” Boylan reasons, “it would hurt stockholders in obsolescent industries, and the multinationals don’t want to lose their power.”

As Boylan tells it, the extraterrestrials first came to Wall Street in 1947 by way of Roswell, N.M. It was that year when U.S. Army Col. Philip Corso said he found five aliens amid the buzzards and rattlesnakes at a UFO crash site in the desert. The new arrivals were just over 4 feet tall, with grayish-brown skin, four- fingered hands and watermelon-size heads without hair.

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