Giant UFO or Alien Structure Spotted on Mars’ Surface


Here’s another unusual structure discovered on the surface of Mars. Is it a crashed flying saucer?

The image above was cropped from a larger picture taken by the Mars Orbiter Camera. It shows an unusual object resting on a cliff edge and some believe it resembles a UFO. Its distinctive shape makes it stand out from the surrounding environment.

Upon closer inspection, the possible UFO appears to have two panoramic windows as well as two light sources near the front. The group who spotted it estimates the object is around 650 to 1,000 feet (200-300 meters) in diameter.

The object’s apparently intelligent design has given rise to claims that it might even be a facility of some kind and that the lights suggest it is still being used.

This is the first giant unidentified object photographed by the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) since it arrived on Mars’ orbit in September last year. But MOM isn’t the only one taking photos of UFOs on Mars.


The object in the image above was photographed last year by the Mars Curiosity Rover and caused quite a stir in the UFO community. While some dismissed the possibility of the object being a crashed flying saucer, others noted its distinctive dome-shaped top was a evidence enough.

Another image that raised questions showed what appeared to be a half-buried ancient pillar with hieroglyphic symbols carved on its surface. Was it just a rock exhibiting natural erosion patterns or the distant sun casting eerie shadows? Nevertheless, some went as far as suggesting the rock is a sign that intelligent life once thrived on Mars. They also considered the pillar evidence towards humanity’s shared history with Mars.

And then we have the case of the strange moving lights photographed by Curiosity. The peculiar lights appeared to follow a precise movement pattern, suggesting they might be controlled by intelligent beings.

There are plenty more photos of mysterious artifacts on the surface of Mars. Can all of them be explained as curiously-shaped rocks, odd shadows or hot pixels? What do you think?


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