Government Whistleblower claims a MASSIVE UFO Fleet is Hiding Behind the Moon

A man who claims to have worked as a consultant for both NASA and the NSA gave a series of mind-blowing statements.

For the past 12 years, Dr. Eric Norton has been an outside consultant for NASA and the National Security Agency (NSA) and his job description included keeping an eye on celestial threats such as asteroids and comets. But in January 2012, Dr. Norton saw something much more menacing—a massive fleet of extraterrestrial craft heading straight for our home world.

On January 22, he was called to the MacDonald Observatory near Fort Davis, Texas. Using the facility’s wide range of instrumentation, Dr. Norton was able to detect a menacing-looking group of unidentified spacecraft.


“What I saw was an array of massive, three dimensional black structures in space, in a straight line formation, advancing in the direction of planet Earth.”

Over a three-month period, he monitored their advance. The fact that the objects “had moved millions upon millions of miles closer within just months” suggested a technological level far superior to that of our own spacecraft.

Spectroscopy data suggested that the unknown objects were built using materials several thousand times harder than anything ever developed on Earth. Naturally, this hypothesis caused great concern among Norton and his peers.

Moreover, infrared spectrum imagery showed that cosmic particles were deflected by what must have been an energy field not unlike the magnetic field that protects our Earth. As the fleet advanced through our Solar System, telescopes could distinguish their details far more accurately and it became obvious that they resembled three dimensional “L” shaped craft. Judging by the distance, these craft must have been enormous.


By January 2013, the objects had passed the orbit of Mars and seemed to be heading for us, when the objects simply vanished from view, leading Norton to believe some kind of cloaking device had been deployed, effectively erasing the ships from the visible spectrum.

During the past decade or so, advanced camouflage techniques have been making steady progress here on Earth and there are plenty more breakthroughs to be made. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a decidedly advanced alien civilization would possess technology that could make them physically invisible.

The craft must have changed their course as well. By the time Norton and his team pointed the infrared telescope toward the last point in space where the fleet had been, there was no sign of them. As Leo Tolstoy once put it, “one must be cunning and wicked in this world.” If he lived today, he would have considered the cosmic scale as well.

Norton described the following months a tense period, when the only thing worse than not knowing the spacecrafts’ position was not knowing the exact intention of their occupants.

I knew that the upper echelons of government were worried about these things because I was under a constant 24/7 guard by Secret Service agents. For nearly the entire year of 2013, we watched the skies in disbelief. We didn’t know what was going on or were these things were. According to my calculations, these things would have been so close to us by now that we would have no  problem seeing them in the night sky had they stayed visible to us. We didn’t know if they were still coming or had left the solar system.”

Approximately one year later later, Norton was contacted by a former colleague who disclosed the fact that the fleet was once again visible and had positioned itself behind the moon. He also handed him an internal report that mentioned an enormous object being “visually verified as having landed on our moon.”

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Ragnar Larsen


  1. and the evidence consists of a blurry image and the testimony of someone who was most likely sworn to some level of secrecy who can not keep his word. so let me recap, a blurry photo and someone who has proven that his word is not his bond, go figure. i guess i will just jump on the “i believe ” train

  2. I saw this on facebook, it must be true, you can’t put anything on the internet unless it’s true.

  3. This is the reason why people don’t take this shit seriously! – Stupid nonsense shit with absolutely no proof!

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