Halloween Season – Active paranormal hotspots in Europe

To celebrate this coming Halloween – a holiday beloved for its mystical and paranormal origins – we’ll be posting bi-daily articles with everything you’ll need to know about October 31st and what makes it so important.


Europe is the home of Dracula, ancient ghosts and ghouls and a rich and bloody history. Almost every European country is filled with old churches, castles and Neolithic structures, which makes it a hotbed of paranormal activity. Everywhere you go there are different spooky folktales and eye-witness accounts of strange happenings. The UK especially, for such a small country, contains a huge number of haunted places, many of which never get mentioned because they have to contend with the likes of Stonehenge and their better-known haunted American counterparts. UFOs are also frequent visitors to Europe, with sightings going back centuries and recorded in tapestries and pictoral evidence such as cave-paintings.

It’s hard to list just a few of these places, but the following are some that are active to this day, and one which I actually have personal experience of!

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Ragnar Larsen

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