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Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh castle is everything a castle should be – huge, imposing and perched on the top of a hill called Castle Rock, which is actually an extinct volcano! On three sides, it’s protected by 400 foot cliffs that drop straight into the sea and it commands a great view of Edinburgh city.

The castle actually sits upon a hidden network of tunnels, which would have been used for escaping royalty at one point and join up to the main city. When these were discovered several hundred years ago, a bagpiper was sent down to investigate. He was supposed to keep playing so that those above could track his progress, but partway through he suddenly feel quiet and was never seen again. His ghost is one of many that remain in the castle, and visitors have reported hearing the thin sounds of his bagpipes echoing from beneath the castle.

As to be expected, there are dungeons below-ground where prisoners were historically kept and, more often than not, tortured. One such attempted to escape through a dung barrow but was thrown down the cliff with the rest of the excretions. He sometimes attempts to shove visitors from the battlements into the sea. In 2001, a professional investigation found proof of real hauntings.

The castle is open to the public and several tours are available.

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Ragnar Larsen

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