Halloween Season – Active paranormal hotspots in South America

To celebrate this coming Halloween – a holiday beloved for its mystical and paranormal origins – we’ll be posting bi-weekly articles with everything you’ll need to know about October 31st and what makes it so important.


One of the most active paranormal sites in the world is also the least inhabited. Even though there are significantly fewer settlements in South America, it experiences more UFO and cryptid sightings than both Cental and North America in total. Mexico and Brazil have rich histories of ghosts, monsters and strange beings – and new history is being made all the time. After all, South America is the home of the Chupacabra, gnome-creatures and more UFO sightings than you could ever hope to explain.

So, if you’re a budding supernatural investigator and fancy seeing something creepy over the border, where are the best places to visit?

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Ragnar Larsen

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