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Shapeshifting Monster – Amazon Rainforest

A huge amount of the Amazon rainforest is unexplored; we’re still coming across tribes who have never even been in contact with other people before, and it stands to reason that there are species of animals we’ve never seen, either. In such a gigantic, unmapped (but rapidly decreasing) area, who’s to say what beasts are hiding in the depths of the rainforest?

However, the encantado (enchanted one) is something we can neither explain nor dismiss. A legendary creature similar to the Native American skinwalkers, the encantado can take the shape of sea snakes, river dolphins and even humans. It will sometimes disguise itself as a human in order to seduce or stalk its prey. Some Amazonian tribes are so scared of it they won’t approach the riverbank at night.

Proof of the encantado comes in the form of strange, human-like cries from the forest at night, footsteps that transform mid-stride and mutilated prey. Most tribes have stories of witnessing it themselves and of missing family members. Whilst there’s no guarantee you’ll see it yourself, there’s enough evidence of the encantado to not consider it a hoax.

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Ragnar Larsen

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