Halloween Season – Active paranormal hotspots in the USA


To celebrate this coming Halloween – a holiday beloved for its mystical and paranormal origins – we’ll be posting bi-daily articles with everything you’ll need to know about October 31st and what makes it so important.

The Haunted House / Das Geisterhaus

Ghost-hunting is one of the most popular activities in the run-up to Halloween. Every year, millions flock to ‘haunted houses’ and similar attractions. However, throughout the USA there are a few areas that see paranormal activity the year round (and this includes UFO- and cryptid-sightings). These places don’t generally offer tours because the safety of their visitors are a real concern with such high supernatural traffic. Some, like the Sherman Ranch in Utah, actively discourages visitors.

If you want to experience something really frightening this Halloween, visit a few of these paranormal hotspots and see for yourself what the uninvestigated parts of America have to show you.

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Ragnar Larsen

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