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Halloween Season – Active paranormal hotspots in the USA


Sherman Ranch – Ballard, Utah


Sherman – or Skinwalker – ranch in Utah has already been mentioned in a previous article(LINK TO SKINWALKER POST) for its notoriety. It’s such an active area, it actually served as the setting for the 2013 movie also named Skinwalker Ranch.

In case you didn’t know, skinwalkers, or fleshgaits, are creatures once said to have been Navajo shamans who could shapeshift, but turned evil and are now stuck in  a state half-way between man and animal. At last, this the myth.

In actual fact, skinwalker sightings have become all-too frequent now that their presence has been announced on the internet. Weird, long-limbed, jerky, red-eyed figures have been seen around Sherman ranch for decades, alongside cattle mutilations and things that look like coyotes but stand up on their hind legs.

As well as this, Sherman ranch is a hotspot for UFO sightings. In 2005, members of the National Institute for Discovery of Science purchased the ranch and subsequently reported more than 100 separate incidents of paranormal activity during their period of ownership. They observed orbs, poltergeist activity, flying objects and invisible objects that emitted a strange magnetic force as well as the aforementioned skinwalkers.

As for visiting, you won’t get such a thing as a tour unless you have military clearance, and the ranch is currently privately owned so trespassing is not acceptable. However, there are several ‘vantage’ spots nearby and skinwalkers have been spotted outside of the property, so you may just get lucky!

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