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Halloween Season – Active worldwide paranormal hotspots



BonnyBridge – Scotland

Bonnybridge, a town in Scotland, has christened itself the ‘UFO capital of the world’. While there are actually several places vying for this title, it’s certainly true that there’s a huge number of UFO sightings around Bonnybridge, especially considering that it’s such a small place and relatively unheard of compared to the likes of Area 51 or the UFO Trail in Chile.

Sightings really began in the 1990’s with more than 600 reported between 1992 -1994. It became so bad that the local authorities actually appealed to Westminster for help, believing that their airspace was being used for government or foreign military activity. However, the Ministry of Defence confirmed that no such thing was going on. Therefore, the flying objects seen above this Scottish town were not of know human creation.

Every year to this date more than 300 sightings are reported, with more than half of the town’s local population having seen activity. Most of the sightings consist of strange lights in the sky or odd, metallic spacecrafts at night. However, there have also been reports of house-sized UFOs landing in the moorland, and of small craft chasing people.

There’s countless video and photographic evidence of this phenomenon, and every year visitors converge on Bonnybridge to see for themselves.

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