Halloween Season – Truth behind Urban Legends

To celebrate this coming Halloween – a holiday beloved for its mystical and paranormal origins – we’ll be posting bi-weekly articles with everything you’ll need to know about October 31st and what makes it so important.


Urban legends are particular in they’re our equivalent of modern-day stories; where once people believed that witches existed and were the cause of evil, now we talk about things such as Polybius and The Grifter.

Naturally, there’s a huge number of urban legends based around Halloween itself; the occasion practically begs for them. However, urban legends usually contain in them a kernel of truth at their heart, an event that sparked the legend in the first place. Whilst urban legends change year on year as we embroider them with more chilling details, it’s sometimes refreshing to remember how they started and why they continue to stick around to this day.

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Ragnar Larsen

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