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Healing the Reptilians


by Franz Erdl

Draconians, Reptilians, Grays, Mantides and others used to be free beings, with souls and love, but they all have been brutally defeated and enslaved, partly as a results of destruction of their home planets.

Using powerful techniques, they were demonized, so that now they are being used as invading troops to raid our species and species living on other planets. The humans who were able to see them, categorized them as enemies who needed to be fought. Keep in mind that the same had happened to beings of the earth and nature spirits (like ‘dragons’) in earlier times as well.

They too were demonized and therefore acted in a hostile way.

This has changed now. A process has started which is waking up the good core of these beings. These beings react to this in divergent ways. Some are quite aware already, but cannot free themselves fully because of black magic, or from programming or a fixation. Others do not really know what to do with the impulses and are caught in total confusion.

But they feel the pull of change and will sooner or later land where they will find help.

It seems that these beings, on their own or in groups, are standing in line to receive healing, from Martina and me and also from some other people with healing skills and knowledge of the situation.

But it is not like they knock on your door and ask you for an appointment for a session. We, telepathically untrained folks, simply sense their negative radiation (which they cannot switch off deliberately) and feel unwell, blocked, and lethargic. We feel their pain. Things go wrong and we easily start a fight with someone else. These might all be signs of having darkened beings around you who want a healing. They can affect humans and animals with their vibes.

And since we had good reason to feel unwell until now (usually a result of being attacked or karmic entanglements, but also from the earth’s problems) it might take days until we realize the presence of these beings who are seeking a healing.

And at this point I do not know whether I should laugh or cry! Martina is already forced to heal beings about three times per day and typically twice a day for me. Friends from the forum and other people, who read my page, have the same experience as we, but until they understand what’s going on, they could suffer for days.

If I had nothing else to do and if I was paid for this, I’d be fine.

But I have not signed any contract to save the world in this manner. It is too much for me. And Martina is often overloaded. She has to drop planned sessions periodically. For the next two to three months, we have to reduce many private sessions and arrange for enough recovery.

Life is not easy at the moment and the enemy never sleeps. In some cases the snakes try to hinder us from seeing the presence of the darkened beings by shutting down our perception. Sometimes they send us pawn offers, which means a being which is very difficult to be healed, and we lose a lot of time. Other times, the negative energy of the beings simply blocks us.

I want to say, that we often do not have the time to check if help-seeking beings were hanging around. In many cases, we do not receive clear energy resonance, even though these beings are around.

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