HOLY COW! Calf born with Five Mouths and Ten Lips in India

Meet Nandi, the bizarre calf born with five mouths and ten lips.

While mutated calves aren’t a rarity, this particular baby cow has been attracting everyone’s attention. Born on a dairy farm in northern India, it was pretty much guaranteed to receive a revered status at birth. But due to its unusual deformity, many visitors flocked to the special calf wishing to touch its hooves and pray to it.

It received the name Nandi (roughly translated as “he who pleases others”) as an homage to Lord Krishna, the chief deity in Hinduism. And according to the local vet who examined it, the calf will continue to please others since it’s in good health.

Only two of its five mouths are functional but its owners make sure that Nandi gets fed three times a day. Unfortunately, the calf’s vision is affected by the placement of its eyes but apart from that, it seems to be thriving.

As for how it managed to posses an impressive collection of mouths, the most likely explanation is that Nandi’s mother had been pregnant with five fetuses. During its pregnancy, something caused the five fetuses to be absorbed into one. This is a very unusual occurrence as cows seldom give birth to more than two calves.

It looks like Nandi is on its way to becoming a world record holder as the mutated bovine born with most mouths.

Ragnar Larsen

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