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Did Howard Hughes view a Captured UFO?


Did Howard Hughes ever get a chance to view a captured or crashed UFO and its occupants?

I have long pondered this question and there may now be an answer to it. According to a former employee of Hughes Aircraft, he did. The visit allegedly occurred not long after the crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. You may think this story belongs in the BELIEVE OR NOT file and you may be right, but I feel compelled to pass it on to you anyway.

After a recent radio show guest spot, I received an email from a person that claimed to be the daughter of a former Hughes Aircraft employee. Having grown up on Long Island where many government contactors are located, I am somewhat familiar with that part of the aircraft industry and have known many people that have worked on various U.S. Government contracts over the years.

That helped me to make the decision to write this article and tell this story.

Linda is a retired teacher. She taught in public and private schools for over thirty years and has emailed me an impressive array of diplomas and certifications. She also emailed a few photos and some paperwork that verifies the fact that her father probably worked for Howard Hughes. Because she asked for anonymity, I cannot say much more about her or divulge where she currently lives at this time. I have encouraged her to come forward at some point and tell her own story in her own words.

Linda says that her father was involved with Hughes Aircraft as early as 1942, but the timeframe that concerns this story is the year 1947. It was during the summer of that year that Howard Hughes was obsessed with getting his oversized wooden seaplane nicknamed the “Spruce Goose” ready for a test flight.

Officially known as the H-4 Hercules, the aircraft flew only once on November 2, 1947. The amount of time and work that went into getting the Hercules ready for that flight was unbelievable.

Her father worked closely with Hughes during the Hercules project and later became a full-time employee of Hughes Aircraft. The two men met after he was referred to Hughes by a mutual acquaintance just after the USA declared war on the Axis powers and entered World War II. Linda told me that Hughes used as her dad as a “problem solver.” He had a knack for being able to look at most any mechanical problem and quickly suggest a practical solution. He also had the kind of temperament that allowed him to work with the eccentric billionaire.


Hughes was besieged with a number of problems during the summer of 1947 including a U.S. Senate inquiry into the way he had managed funds for the Hercules and XF-11 Photoreconnaissance Aircraft projects.

Linda says that shortly after he testified at the Senate hearings, Howard Hughes returned to oversee work on the Hercules and spoke to her father about his possible involvement in an important government project.

“My father and I frequently spoke on the phone during the early 1970s,” Linda told me. “We were very close and often bounced ideas off of one another. I do not recall the exact date, but I phoned to ask dad some questions about one thing or another and the subject of Howard Hughes came up. Howard’s face was constantly on the cover of most of the supermarket tabloids during that time and we began talking about the National Enquirer and how they kept hounding him (Howard Hughes).”

Linda’s father scolded her for wasting her money on the National Enquirer, but she said that her mother also purchased the tabloid.

“My mother thought it was amusing that the bogus stories about Howard almost always appeared on the same page as their standing reward for proof that UFOs and Aliens existed,” Linda continued. “Dad told me that Howard Hughes could have claimed that reward if he needed the money and laughed about the fact that he didn’t. When I asked him what he meant by that, he told me the story.”

According to Linda, Howard Hughes and her father were not friends and her dad would probably not be considered a part of Hughes ‘inner circle if such a thing existed.

However, he did spend a lot of time with Hughes during the Hercules project and the two had a casual working relationship as long as her father delivered the goods. She told me that her dad said he was busy brainstorming with some engineers when Hughes summoned him into an empty office. Hughes had a kind of inquisitively stern look on his face and that usually meant that he wanted some advice on how to solve a problem or was about to start a new project.

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