Humans Are Not From Earth

Although we have been calling Earth our home for many generations, there are many theories that claim humans evolved elsewhere in the galaxy and moved here sometime in the distant past.

Could this controversial and intriguing claim be true? If so, where do we come from and why did our travelling ancestors choose Earth?


Researcher and author Dr. Ellis Silver was best known for proposing a scientific evaluation of evidence suggesting man evolved elsewhere in the universe. In his book, Humans are not from Earth, he lists many reasons for why he believes there is evidence for mankind’s ancestry outside of the blue planet. He also evaluates possible points of origin and a timeline for our appearance on Earth.

Dr. Silver compared our human physiology to that of other animals and he believes there are many crucial differences between us. As a species, humans are particularly sensitive to sunlight. The sun has a dazzling effect on humans whilst most animals seem immune to this effect. While reptiles use heat from the sun to regulate their own internal temperature, humans experience serious troubles if exposed for more than two weeks. According to Silver, this behavior constitutes evidence that humans might have evolved on a planet with considerably less sunlight. Our genetic make-up was able to adapt to this increased radiation, but not without cost.


Humans also suffer from chronic illnesses at a much higher rate than other animals. This could be the result of a struggle to cope with damaging factors that weren’t present at the time of our evolution. “We are all chronically ill,” says Silver. “Indeed, if you can find a single person who is 100% fit and healthy and not suffering from some (perhaps hidden or unstated) condition or disorder I would be extremely surprised – I have not been able to find anyone.”

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Ragnar Larsen


  1. hmm.

    …We have bad backs because we’re living far longer than we would’ve in times passed. Old people then had bad backs and they do now.
    …We dislike raw foods because we’ve evolved to consume cooked foods, allowing us to have smaller stomachs which take less energy to fuel, leaving more for brain development
    …Our body clocks are only out of sync due to artificial lighting delaying melatonin onset in the evening
    …If we overdisgnosed animals as much as we did humans, we’d have similar levels of “things wrong with us”.
    …We’re sensitive to sunlight because we’ve moved indoors. Races that didn’t, aren’t. Cave and ground dwelling animals sunburn. Some plants sunburn when in more than partial shade.

  2. Australians didn’t evolve in Australia???? the British put them there. it is a minute possibility this could have been a prison planet to get rid of the trash…lmfao

  3. Compare a 6 week old whale embryo to a human one at 6 cannot tell them apart…all mammals have a common ancestry if you go back far enough

  4. Okay, barring watching too many Star Trek episodes,it’s a fantastic idea to have such a simple explination such as just arriving here. So why then are their such Wonderful people if this is a prison. Why such magnificent Beauty. Why such breathtaking Happiness? I call BS

  5. I believe it, I long for home up there not on earth.
    I believe we are far away from our home planet.
    Should it be , I hope we can go back some day

  6. I think we don’t combine are true selves to become and see what we really are .
    Visitations are always here we go back to our original place of start an we will live longer and all can be rebuilt so much In peace and harmony.

  7. how is this guy a doctor if he doesn’t even realize that the embryo of a human and that of something like a housecat or a cow are the same. your genetic code lies as the roadmap for what stem cells become. it also doesn’t explain why humans share such a close genetic code with apes. he doesn’t even understand how evolution works, if our ancestors were dropped here they would evolve to suit their environment hence we wouldn’t have any of these same issues anyways. I appreciate his imagination and it would be a cool idea but he shows far too much ignorance of how biology actually works.

  8. Just because an embrio of different species “looks the same” at the certain stage doesn’t mean they have the same ancestry. There has to be a change with in the meloculs, the information with in the DNA have to be modified. And so far studies and researches has proven that the genetic code hardly gets altered. There may be adaptation depending on environment and time but there has never been a change of one species to another. There may be variety with in a kind like dog and horse breeds but they still are the same kind despite the difference

  9. If you actually believe we lived on earth since the beginning your an idiot who needs to learn more. We are not a species of earth & we are descendents from extraterrestrials. Humans have potential to be gods no not mysterious bible God but the gods we were meant to be. Once were in tune with ourselves and the universe & stop consuming poisons etc… We will controll all animals yes even lions will obey you. Our pineal gland in our brain will be activated which lets us use our psychic abilities. Yes we do have them but sodium fluoride calcifyes your pineal gland making it innactive. Ever wonder why they put sodium fluoride in water and toothpaste? Something you have to use everyday? No not for better teeth but to give you diseases and make you stupid. I’ve been using fluoride free toothpaste and drinking distilled water for about 2 years now and I’m fine and my teeth are better then 95% of humans.

  10. You really have no clue what your talking about. Something resembling
    something else, thats not made up of the same matter. That serves
    different purposes. Sounds like you need to do your own homework, and
    stop listening to the religion of evolution.

  11. Teeth are better then 95% of humans? Where did yah get that number haha, and there are still people in thisnworkd who have never come in contact with flouride, and they live off the land and no they are not psycic

  12. Distilled water can still contain fluoride. Fluoride is bound to H2O molecules fairly tightly, and it won’t be shaken off by a bit of heat. You need deionized water if you want to be sure it has no fluoride in it, and that comes with its own risks.

  13. We share most of our DNA in common with dolphins, monkeys, chimpanzees and a few others. We share roughly 50-60% of our DNA with banana trees. Either we’re from this planet, or those aliens fucked up every creature on this planet by tampering with its DNA just to help us adjust to this, and that doesn’t really make it seem any less ridiculous.

  14. and do you know everything about biology ? dna ? do you have degrees in this field ? if not then you sound just as ignorant

  15. I find the points made very interesting. However what undermines it for me is that it is based on the theory that we “evolved”. There is no such evidence of this so called evolution which scientists try to push on us

  16. No evidence of evolution? Do you know what evolution is? Like it happens before our eyes in bacteria it’s an organism adapting to its environment over time, it’s like a fact and if you deny it you are dense as shit

  17. maybe they used to apes genetic code to make ours, using the apes as they were the best match on earth to the type of creature we are, explains why apes today and other animals have not evolved as we have, unless maybe we weren’t born here, but made here, first our ancestors/alien/gods whoever learnt to create, manufacture and play around with dinosaurs, then simple creatures, animals, until they made the ape, which could have heavily influenced our design being perhaps the chosen or final design maybe even influenced by there image, maybe we all have parts of all animals genetic codes on earth, maybe but i know nothing of biology or anything but if i was a clever little alien that would be a sick idea if i wanted to create a creature in my image that could adapt well to planet earth

  18. maybe we won’t be set free from this prison until we can learn to be wonderful together, seeing as were all in it together

  19. Im far from the brightest of people but i am gonna say and no as we cant be the only living plant with life on and i beleave if anyone who thinks we r then there quite anrrow minded

  20. If this is a prison planet, pretty strange that we’d be crossbred with a native species. Why the trouble? Just dump us here and forget about us. If we are of alien origin, why the line of prehumans we have fossil evidence of? Wouldn’t a less familiar humanoid be more likely, if any? Genetics isn’t pointing to an alien origin, nor us being bred with another species and the timelines for our evolution seem reasonable. Is there any compelling evidence as yet unmentioned?

  21. What a load of crap!

    “As a species, humans are particularly sensitive to sunlight… According to Silver, this behavior constitutes evidence that humans might have evolved on a planet with considerably less sunlight”

    Using this logic, Bats, Aye-ayes, Sugar gliders, Raccoons and many other nocturnal species that are sensitve to (and for the most part despise) sunlight all must be from another planet…
    Worms are brutally ravaged by the heat of the sun and quickly dry out and die. Hippos are also very susceptible to sunlight.
    There are also numerous plant species that can only survive in indirect sunlight and full exposure quickly scorches them.
    And let’s not leave out the wide array of Troglofauna which are made up of three groups: Troglophiles, Trogloxenes and Troglobites. The latter of which can not survive in sunlight.

    “Humans also suffer from chronic illnesses at a much higher rate than other animals.”

    I don’t know why this would be a supprise. It’s not like there are a ton of “Aardvark emphysema treatment centers of america” where animals can go to treat that chronic cough. Medical advancement and our social behaviour allows people with birth-defects, chronic illness, and other maladies to survive. Coupled with our horrendous diets and a decrease in our need to actively hunt and gather (exercise) we should expect chronic illness to be commonplace. Where in the rest of the animal kingdom those problems to put it bluntly “sort themselves out”.

    “People suffer from bad backs and have done so throughout our history. Dr. Silver believes this problem can be traced back to humans evolving on a planet with a much lower gravity.”

    Yes, one could postulate that humans evolved in low gravity and travelled trillions of miles to be deposited on a harsh, high-gravity world where we would be riddled with back problems. OR…. they could accept the current, simple, well-understood (and highly evidence-based) explanation that in our genetic youth, we lived life on all-fours. All throughout our bodies we bear the marks of our evolutionary history from walking on four legs to transitioning upright. Hip problems, knee problems, back and neck; all are the result of taking something that was a quadruped for millions of years and then sculpting it into a biped. The physiological evidence for this evolutionary path is unquestionable (unless your this Dr. Silver guy…)
    But even all that aside… If we evolved in “much lower gravity” we would have a host of problems MUCH more problematic than a few bad backs.

    “we are surprisingly ill-equipped for life here: sunlight harms us, we are plagued with illness and we have a strong dislike for raw or naturally occurring foods”

    Despide being “surprisingly ill-equipped” we have managed to inhabit every corner of the globe, reach a population of over 7 billion and nearly double our average life expectancy. We are no more “harmed by sunlight” or “plagued with illness” than any other species that inhabits this amazing planet. As for a dislike for raw and natural foods… I’m going to finish eating this orange and then go have a salad. Maybe that will help me feel more in touch with my home world: Earth.

  22. Dont worry about that, all you need to do is to search and solve your Problem, that how can you FACE your PROBLEM if your FACE is the PROBLEM? OK?

  23. If anything, earth’s life was started on earth, or brought in on the off-chance of it having life-bearing capabilities of some kind. This author thinks we were basically shoved inside an asteroid or teleported here. Don’t really get the reasoning for that. Yes we would probably be better suited to this planet you’re trying to depict here, but that’s only because humanity itself has evolved. (More or less) After decades and decades of taking shelter, and building homes, and staying inside, we’ve become sensitive to large amounts of sunlight. We have bad backs because for decades because of us sitting down for such long amounts of time everyday, and for us living much much longer than we used to. >30 used to be the average life expectancy, and now it’s up to what, 50-80 now? Most of this reasoning sounds like you’re just stating we could be better off on another planet in our current form. If you’re evolution savy, (which I would hope so.) All species are evolving to better suit their environment. And that’s exactly what’s happened over the past couple decades. Now, I know what you’re saying. Evolution didn’t change us, because we didn’t get any extra limbs, or we can’t see in the dark completely, or we don’t have extra appendages to help us live better. Small or large change, it’s still evolution. This is just what I believe. Hope I show some light on this article that looks like it was written in a day.

  24. I think humans are obsessed with themselves. I think there are more important issues to be discussing. We are monkeys and we eat, sleep, and live in our own shit. Further more we think off all other species on the planet as animals. We are the only out of control race on the planet killing, destroying turning everything good into toxic crap. But we think so highly of ourselves over everything else. We are not from a different planet just get a grip on reality for just minute.

  25. the internet is such a shit place, this guy has even said its just for an open debate so hes not like completely agreeing with this and trying to force it on other people, he just had an opinion, and half the comments are so aggressive, I think that could validate his point even more, humans are way to aggressive.

  26. I like his proposals.Especially the prison planet one.Would explain why we are a bunch of rat bag bastards who don’t give a **** about our environment or each other.Also agree with us showing up here 60k-200k ago,but we could have dropped on this earth yesterday as we seem to forget just about everything.

  27. Being open-minded, I have always thought this as a possability. Depends how indoctrinated and brainwashed you have become by others (the system), I guess? I tend to go with my own research and gut feelings/beliefs, and not those of others. I could be wrong on many things, but I could also be right. Whatever I stay open-minded…And I listen to myself. Do you all too?

  28. How does sodium fluoride calcify the pituitary gland? Does that mean our species had psychic powers before the addition of fluoride to toothpaste and to our drinking water? Where is this in the historical record? If we had strong psychic abilities in our early history, why did we create written and spoken languages? If we are from the stars, how do we share between 50-90%+ of our DNA with almost every other multicellular organism on earth?

  29. So you know all what you say to be true 100%? I believe it’s more a point of people listening and believing in other people. Then believing 100% what these other people have told them. I like to claim to be open-minded, until I’m 100% sure of the truth from my own research and from my own knowing.

  30. If any of you read correctly it says at the bottom of the article it is only for speculation and debate, ie it’s just something cool to “imagine and talk about”. All of you should just calm down and slow your roll before you go around calling each other idiots and bigots. Talk about evolution. Damn.

  31. We’re hybrids. Part native and part ET. So of course we would be genetically related to other species on Earth. But all life on Earth was seeded by extraterrestrials to begin with also. And then a promising ape species was hybridized with humanoid ET genetics. So, because we have no knowledge of ET genetics, we would appear to be a completely native species. Humanoids are common throughout the galaxy. We are just one branch of a very large human family.

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