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Incredible NASA footage shows UFO beaming light on Earth just before transmission is cut

Alien ship spotted by NASA

Check out this incredible NASA footage which seems to show a UFO beaming light on Earth just before transmission is cut by NASA.

NASA is at it again. There has been another UFO sightings that of course was recorded by thousands of users who tuned into NASA’s live cameras on board the International Space Station, just before the live transmission was cut by NASA.

In the past couple of months, the number of UFO sightings near the International Space Station have quadrupled and NASA cannot explain most of them according to UFOlogists. Today, there are thousands of users who carefully observe NASA’s live feed from the International Space Station in hopes to detect one of these anomalous sightings and share them with the world.

Commenting on this video, UFO hunter Scot Waring from ufosightingsdaily said: “How much longer will NASA go on with this charade?”  The mysterious video which seems to show some sort of object above Earth’s atmosphere was first seen by YouTube user Streetcap1.

Mr. Waring adds: “This looks like a craft in space and is partly cloaked. The sun at a certain angle and is causing a small part of the UFO to become visible.

“This is a very cool catch by Streetcap1. NASA noticed it and went to blue screen.”

Of course not everything has to be an Alien craft right? There are many people believe that this is just a glitch in NASA’s on-board cameras while others believe that we could be looking at some weird upper-atmospheric phenomena.

What do you think we are looking at in the video? Is it possible that this is in fact a mysterious UFO ship “beaming light” on Earth? Or is it possible that this “sighting” can be explained rationally and scientifically? If it is just another “glitch” or a strange weather phenomena… why did NASA interrupt its live transmission?


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