Is the Moon Just a Hologram?

We’ve previously written an article about alien bases on the Moon. Proponents of this theory nurse the idea that the Apollo missions were discontinued due to alien presence on our satellite. Furthermore, humanity was issued threats not to interfere with their operations.

These claims are backed by little proof but are in no way stranger than the Spaceship Moon Theory ( SMT). Conventionally, our satellite is believed to have formed when Theia, a Mars-sized planetoid collided with the young Earth. The impact created a ring of debris that consolidated into our Moon. This is called the Giant Impact Hypothesis and it suggests that the Earth and the Moon should share similarities in age, structure and material.


However, there are a few unexplained issues that have given rise to speculation. The SMT was forwarded by two members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1970. They suggested that the Moon is a hollow celestial body, created by aliens with a technology that far exceeded our own.

According to the soviet scientists, huge machinery was employed to melt rock and create enormous cavities within the Moon. The molten material was deposited on the lunar surface, where it cooled, creating its surface. The Moon would therefore be a hollow sphere with a metallic rocky slag shell.

They based their theory on the unusual appearance of craters found on the satellite. Throughout the ages, the Moon has been hit by asteroids as large as 60 miles in diameter. Most of the large impact craters should be consistently deeper than they are. Instead, these craters are shallow, with a flat or even convex bottoms. They say the reason behind this is that large meteors that strike the Moon are bounced back by its elastic hull.

Another unexplained aspect is the difference in the specific densities of the two celestial bodies. While our planet has a density of 5.5 grams per cubic centimeter, the Moon only weighs 3.33 g/cm³. According to the two researchers, the difference could account for the hollow space within the Moon. Beneath a crust several miles thick, there is a void or possibly even an atmosphere.

Some of the rocks brought back with the Apollo missions have very different compositions than those found here on Earth. Moreover, some of these rocks are far older than the Earth is currently considered to be. Some consider this proof that our satellite is acquired and was not fashioned here through conventional means. During moonquakes and meteor impacts, the Moon is known to “ring like a bell”, further supporting the hollow Moon theory.

The most popular belief is that the Moon served as an interstellar Noah’s Ark that brought life to Earth millions, possibly billions of years ago. In order to sustain such a journey, it needed a hard inner shell 20 miles thick and a loosely packed outer shell. Inside would have been life support machinery, fuel and a suitable environment for its passengers. This theory accounts for some of the Moon’s unexplained properties, including its lower density.


The assumption is backed up by the presence of chromium, zirconium an titanium on the lunar surface. The soviet scientists argued that the refractory and anti-corrosive properties of these elements are no accident but the signs of intelligent design. They were used to shield the inside from bombardment, temperature fluctuations and the effects of cosmic rays.

This theory has gained additional traction in July this year, when amateur videos show a strange wave traversing the lunar surface. Some have speculated that it resembles the refreshing of a computer screen and therefore concluded that what we see today and call our Moon is nothing but a hologram. That is why we only see one side of the Moon – it’s far easier to project a static image rather than provide a constantly rotating hologram.

This theory seems outrageous because of its implications. If our partner of millions of years, the celestial body featured in countless legends, shaping mythology and so many aspects of human life is only an illusion fed by someone or something, this opens up a greater can of worms. Is anything as it seems? Or are we all living a real-life Truman Show?

Take a look at the video below and tell us in the comments what you think about it.



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