Is There an Alien Message Hidden in our DNA?

There are two ways of searching for alien life. We can look for physical evidence in the form of UFOs, messages from outer space or alien sightings. The second one would be looking for clues about our origins. We’ve directed our search for extraterrestrial life towards deep space but the answer might lie within us, on a microscopic scale.

So, is there an alien message hidden in our genetic code?

The answer is yes, according to two researchers from Kazakhstan. They believe our genetic code contains an extraterrestrial signal and that it was encoded billions of years ago by technologically advanced aliens.

It’s no secret that DNA is the most effective means of storing information and this is the idea behind the research done by Vladimir Cherbak and Maxim Makukov. They have been searching for a code embedded inside human DNA that could not be explained by Darwinian evolution and they call it the “biological SETI”.


The two scientists have analyzed aspects of the ‘language’ in which the human genome is written and they hypothesize the existence of a “mathematical and semantic message” that would remain virtually unchanged over extremely long periods of time. This code would pass on from generation to generation and continue to exist for as long as humans do.

Intriguingly, the human genome does present evidence supporting this theory. The Kazakh scientists have identified several mathematical patterns in the precision with which DNA binds and in its relation with amino acids, the building blocks of life. These patterns include the use of decimals and the abstract concept of zero, as well as logical transformations.

Their research checks out with a recent theory that determined DNA could be ten billion years old. In this study, two geneticists applied Moore’s Law to biological complexity and reverse-engineered the modern DNA molecule. According to their calculations, life first appeared ten billion years ago, so it must have originated somewhere else in the universe, as the Earth is ‘only’ 4.5 billion years old.

While their research has yet to be proven correct, it gives rise to a very interesting concept and should definitely benefit from further study. After all, it might just answer the question of where we come from. It would certainly explain our penchant for searching for extraterrestrial life.

Ragnar Larsen

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  1. I think like the Tower of Babel myth, the meaning of lie the universe and everything is locked in our DNA but split between the races and creeds. As we slowly begin to trust one another and intermixed biologically the pieces of DNA strands are being put back together. This is how we are slowly ‘re-inventing stuff at a controlled rate designed by our original architect.

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