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Italy’s Disclosure on Human Like Aliens


By Paola Leopizzi Harris, M.Ed.

He talks extensively about his role as interface with this human looking alien in a diplomatic capacity.

These are the protocols of which I speak in my new book: Exopolitics: How Does One Speak To A Ball Of Light – Exopolitical challenges and protocols for future contact.

This year in Italy, two important books surfaced talking about aliens among us. The first book was written by Stefano Breccia. Italian engineer and computer graphics expert and telecommunications who is considered a very credible source. The book is called Contattismi di Massa (Nexus Edizioni) which literally means Mass Contacts. It deals with two opposing groups of Aliens situated near the Adriatic coast near Pescara who mingled among the residents and especially who communicated with several important political figures in 1956.

Their liaison contactee was a man called Bruno Sammaciccia, a credible figure who held four University degrees among them psychology and psychiatry and amazingly enough was nominated man of the year by UNESCO in 1982 for his cultural background. He was first contacted telepathically by these very tall (8 foot) humanoid aliens who had a base in the Adriatic Sea.

In the Chapter called “Amicizia” at the end of the book he talks about their habits, intentions and their interaction with humans among them, such prestigious figures as a Brazilian Cardinal, a famous painter, a general of the carabinieri( Italian Military Police) but in particular, they contacted the much noted (Italian Consul) Console Perego who had the sighting over St. Peter’s December 1st 1953 and who spoke about UFOS to many Italian Officials in the 50’s much like Adamski.

Contacted telepathically was also, journalist/photographer Bruno Ghibaudi who took the amazing photos of these distinct craft coming out of the water near Pescara on the Adriatic coast. The book includes many photos of this plus the dignitaries mentioned plus one photo of an 8 foot tall alien who said he was part of a confederation from a “blue” galaxy which means probably a blue nebula. One message given to Planet Earth was “most extraterrestrial life was humanoid in Nature”! They look like us!

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