Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome President Donald Trump!

By Caleb Stephen, Editor in Chief of

The mainstream political pundits yesterday predicted a ‘landslide Hillary victory’ with supposedly an 85% chance of winning. Well I have news for them and that ‘landslide victory’ media narrative was a complete joke. NY Times is now showing Trump’s got a 95% chance of winning this election. Everything looks like it’s going well for him at this point in time. You can follow our EXCLUSIVE, LIVE election coverage here.

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I think it’s safe to call the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. He’s reached this point despite all odds, despite the turmoil and a smorgasbord of bombshell revelations and he’s secured a likely path to the Oval Office. This is a victory for the American people, a victory for the world and a victory for the anti-establishment, conservative side.

As I write this, the stocks are plunging by 600 points over fears of a Clinton loss and the mainstream establishment is worried like crazy because they know their chances are slim and the time is running out…fast.

The mainstream media tried to rig this and so did the establishment, but the people of America have refused to have their intelligences insulted.

Roger Stone, a top political analyst and GOP advisor has said Trump’s camp are preparing for the big party and the victory speech, so that’s something very exciting.

Be prepared for civil unrest post this bombshell result by stocking up on Wise Foods’ emergency meals available here in the event you need to hang tight for a bit. There will no doubt be a lot of unhappy people waking up tomorrow morning who may have violent tendencies.


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