Leaked NASA Footage Proves Man Already Walked On Mars

In April 2011, more information regarding this subject was revealed by Italian journalist and UFO researcher Luca Scantamburlo. During a press conference, he presented a testimony outlining the details of Project Redsun.

I introduce to you a press-release testimony I have written to discuss the presumed existence of a hush-hush military Space program called ‘Project Redsun,’ carried out in the ’70s of the last century to build a stationary base on Mars, the Red Planet. My source of information – named by me ‘bravoxsierra24’ – has contacted me by email. It is possible to reproduce the pages of the press release, and the picture here presented as well.

Since we are allowed to show it, here is the 3-page document released by Scantamburlo:

Project Redsun page 1

Project Redsun Page 2

Project Redsun Page 3

Do you think NASA is far more than meets the eye?

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Ragnar Larsen


  1. Last night I had a dream about being transported into outer space through some sort of station that conjoins to multiple space craft, and repels into space before releasing the ships into orbit.
    It was very vivid and detailed, so I’ve drawn up pictures to make sure I wouldn’t completely forget what I have seen. But the thing that stood out the most is the giant NASA sign on the side.
    I clearly remember seeing it and reading while dreaming.

  2. Quit destroying REAL research into the unknown by promoting this for your personal gain.

  3. you got that pic if so send it my way I research all kinds of random stuff, see if any of my previous cross reference with it. peace man

  4. Total crap. This is merely just words with zero data or anything verifiable. Do you know how long it takes to get to Mars and the effects of zero gravity for that duration? But we’re supposed to believe they made it there on a “leftover” Saturn V rocket?! Please use your brain! You’re embarrassing.

  5. Also, let’s say they did somehow manage to get there…how’d they get back?

  6. I used to work for NASA and the truth is that we already walked on Saturn
    by 1968. Before we even landed on the moon!!! The planets were aligned
    in such a way that a round trip to Saturn would take less time and fuel
    than to go to the moon. They did however “slingshot” around the moon to
    pick up speed.

  7. I do not know about this—-Look up “Solar Warden” conventional “rockets” are not (and were not) used in our secret space programs.—We have something MUCH better —“Field propulsion”. and several ships capable of interstellar flight.—and bases on the moon and mars.

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