Leaked Photos and Video From Two Secret Illuminati Parties

Ever wonder what happens behind the closed doors of private Illuminati ceremonies? Well here are some photos and video from exactly that…

Let’s start with something light.

Four decades ago, a private Illuminati party took place at the Rothschild Family’s Château de Ferrières, located a few miles east of Paris. Hosting the party was Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild.

The dress code specified that the costumes worn should be as surrealist as possible—the stranger, the better.

Despite the fact that the party was supposed to remain a secret, the photos ended up on the internet.

During the party, the mansion was lit in such a way that it appeared to be on fire.


The guests’ invitations could only be read when viewed in front of a mirror.


Decorations were disturbing, to say the least.




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