Life… On Mars

Scientists continue their age-long quest for the answer to the riddle of whether there is life on Mars.

Even after a concentrated study of the planet over the past two decades or so the answer is still not forthcoming.

Schiaparelli in 1890 found faint linear markings on the Martian surface which he called ‘channels.’ But Lowell described them as canals and proposed that their extensive and geometric construction implied the existence of ‘rare intelligence’. Many further speculations and observations on Mars led scientists to believe that life on Mars was a reality.

Many further contacts have been made with Mars revealing a barren planet with lunar-like craters, huge volcanoes and a Grand Canyon, 3000 miles long and 15-20,000 feet deep. Many geologists are convinced that the ‘canals’ were formed by giant floods caused either by meteors impacting and melting ice under the surface, or volcanic activity.

Today, scientifically, that is, in terms of controlled orthodox knowledge for the masses, we are little further to understanding Mars and its civilizations in spite of NASA’s photographs of the monuments, etc.

Cosmic visionary Ruth Norman of the Unarius Foundation in her book Mars Underground Cities Discovered, has channeled that Mars was the victim of a huge disturbance some 160,000 years ago, described as a nova but involving the entry into our solar system of a body passing close to Mars, colliding with Earth, and destroying the continent of Lemuria.

As a result, Mars’ surface was dehydrated and devastated. Nevertheless, the civilization at the time was sufficiently advanced and in communication with the spiritual realms to receive prior information of the intruding body and prepare by building cities underground.

The nova was actually a manifestation in the third dimension resulting from higher-dimensional energies of a positive kind directed at the negativity enshrouding planet Earth in order to cancel it. According to this channeled information the positive and negative energy interaction expressed itself in the apparent event of a so-called planetary body entering the Solar System.

Thus the Mars civilization continued and is still in existence but has now evolved into a higher-frequency spectrum and would not be detectable at the physical 3D level. This is supported by the out-of-body (astral) visits made by the channels of the Unarius foundation.

One of the reasons why Mars is regarded as the war-waging planet is that according to these channelings the spiritual hierarchy directed the massive negative thought forms remaining after the destruction of Maldek – a civilization on a planet beyond Mars of which the fragments now are the scientifically unexplained asteroid belt between Mars, and Jupiter – and attached it to Mars to keep it away from Earth.

If Mars had been inhabited at the physical level, this decision would not have been made.

A further event which added to Mars’ hostile reputation was one in which the Lemuria race had once attacked Mars, but the Martians were prepared and defeated them. Nevertheless, propaganda continued on Earth to the effect that Mars attacked Earth.

The canal markings have now been considered to be due to the underground tunneling between cities creating a characteristic surface effect. A typical city is stated to be about one mile in diameter consisting of beautiful buildings and sculptured gardens, fountains, fruit trees, statues, murals and in general a horticulturist’s paradise.

The enclosed roof area of these underground cities appears as a sky with simulated twinkling stars – even a ‘moon’ is revealed periodically during the night cycle, and for day-time, artificial sunlight is used. Transport is by shuttle craft or moving sidewalks.

These people have developed their consciousness to a high level of sanity, intelligence and love for all creation. Their bodies are described as about an average of 5 feet 6 inches and are similar in appearance to our Chinese race.

Advanced technology enables children to learn mainly by video with the addition of sleep learning in which a ray transfers knowledge subconsciously. Birth has an alternative process to the natural one.

The fetus can be developed externally in special vessels if the mother wishes.

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Ragnar Larsen