Life… On Mars

This has advantages by both the presence of visual communication from the mother, and also the enhanced learning process of the infant achieved by scientific means for absorbing information relating to the infant, such as potential abilities, past-life experiences and the present goals for this coming life.

The Martians can travel between galaxies in their spacecraft’s but even with their advanced technology enabling them to travel hyper spatially it takes them years. Such ships as theirs may contain as many as 5000 passengers, although they refer to encounters with city ships from other civilizations containing up to one million people.

Martians, it is explained, did visit Earth and set up a colony in the Gobi Desert. Nevertheless, primitive species of Earth were present at that time and were hostile, such that the Martian settlement was abandoned. Thus we see then that Mars does have a very advanced civilization but not any longer in this dimension.

Clearly Mars will have had many civilizations both on the surface and within as with most other planets. Another example, channeled by Celeste Korsholm, was of non-humanoid creatures that inhabited Mars, and typically went through the usual conflicts.

These were two species competing for evolution or dominance on the planet. A great diversity of species flourished at this time on Mars leading to two dominant races:

  • an ant form
  • the praying mantis, which today we recognize as the Athiem (mentioned earlier)

The dimensional setting was in the third dimension and the species represented the Light and the Dark forces.

The praying mantis race exhibited the Light qualities. Initially both occupied themselves in controlling the environment.

The ants developed a highly ordered society with a mass-mind ability, giving them great power as a group, but focused on left-brain, logical abilities. The other species, the praying mantis, concentrated on spiritual development, with emphasis on harmony, understanding and perception.

Eventually their expanding evolution began to encroach on one another. Owing to the excessive numbers of the ants and their self-sacrifice for the whole, the praying mantis had no choice but to withdraw.

The ants eventually destroyed their environment but by this time the praying mantis race had withdrawn into higher dimensions. They then existed in a higher-frequency spectrum but still remained on Mars in the same general space. A channeled spokesman for the praying mantis, or Reverend Race (as it was called), states that the pyramids and the ‘face on Mars’ are remnants of their great civilization.

The ants eventually dominated all other species on Mars and then turned on themselves as they destroyed the environment. They were forced to withdraw underground but survived by locating another planet to inhabit. This was planet Earth.

Their aggression, however, was tempered by higher law and much of it was continued in the tiny bodies of Earth’s ants. In effect, the warring consciousness of the Martian ants continues in the Earth ants.

The Reverend Race also came to Earth fourth-dimensionally to aid our planet going through similar struggles to theirs.

As mentioned, all the planets contain spiritual counterparts and parallel dimensions. Let us now give an account of life on Venus.

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Ragnar Larsen