Man Describes Witnessing a UFO Emitting ‘Black-Like Negative Energy’

In a report filed to the Mutual UFO Network, a witness from Oregon gives details about his close encounter of the second kind.

The man told MUFON that the incident took place on March 27, while he was out camping in an isolated area near Bonanza, Oregon. At about 2:10 a.m. he heard strange sounds outside his tent and went out to investigate. Believing a bear had come upon his food, the man thought about his own protection and picked up his gun.

I grabbed my pistol and exited my tent and realized I had a dead flashlight,” he said. “Then something caught my attention. As I was turning to look, I felt static electricity so bad my skin started to itch like crazy and I felt naked like my clothing was light as air or completely being repelled by static.”

Bewildered, the man considered the possibility that he had been stung by a scorpion or bitten by a spider and was hallucinating. But as the UFO got closer, this idea quickly dispersed.

The giant craft moved silently on a curved trajectory but at the same time, it made a static sound. “It sounded like serious high voltage static.”  It was flat, rectangular in shape and had a curved nose.

The camper described the unknown craft as possessing some otherworldly qualities:

The craft was black-like negative energy – a black hole kind of dark. It came at my direction in a curved path from the northeast and then slowed down with a faint glow. It looked dark purple and I could see a greenish blue area from time to time.”


In the midst of this surreal scene, the man said he had to keep reminding himself to breathe as he shook his head in total confusion.

The UFO came to a complete stop about a mile from his position, where it hovered for a few minutes. After that, it began dropping flaming orbs.

It glowed a little bright and then it launched, dropped things into the woods. They completely reminded me of the time I held burning plastic and the melting drops that were on fire as they fell. My mouth dropped as the fuzzy glowing orbs started falling from the main ship. No idea what they were, but I got scared as never before.”

Understandably, the idea of being alone in the woods and in danger of being spotted by extraterrestrial beings with unknown intentions terrified him. As he was assessing his chances of escaping unharmed, the UFO dropped more flaming objects of different sizes and started moving away. It left the way it came, leaving behind one shaken witness.

[…] it went completely black and started to crackle with static and then took off with a deep rumble vibration that seemed to encapsulate everything into a dreamy surreal feeling. It was gone and I couldn’t comprehend what happened. I still can’t believe it,” he stated.

Obviously, this testimony is open to criticism and there’s the issue regarding the lack of evidence, photographic or any other type, for that matter. But as we’ve said before, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence and there is a possibility that this man is telling the truth.

How does the idea of UFOs as dark as black holes silently dropping fiery probes in the middle of nowhere sound?


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