Mexico’s Unexplained Zone of Silence

The Bolsón de Mapimi basin in Mexico is home to a very strange area called La Zona del Silencio – The Silent Zone. Millions of years ago, the area lay at the bottom of the Sea of Thetys. During the 1930’s a pilot named Francisco Sarabia got lost while flying over the zone. He later said the on-board instruments started behaving erratically and his radio stopped working altogether.

silent zone

Attention was drawn to the area in the 1970’s when a faulty American missile was launched from the White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico and crashed into the zone. US Air Force officials went to investigate the region and discovered several anomalies.

They found out that no signals were able to penetrate the area; radio and satellite signals were distorted or blocked by strong and unexplained magnetic fields. This radio wave dark spot was then nicknamed the Silent Zone. The Mexican government has since built a research facility aimed at studying the unusual phenomena. Many speculate that the government is researching much more than it is admitting and the area holds untold secrets.

One of the odd attributes of the region is its unusually high levels of magnetite and uranium deposits that scientists believe are causing electromagnetic pulses able to disrupt radio signals. It is also a hotbed for meteorites, which could account for the magnetic properties that cause metallic objects to end up falling from the skies. The wildlife is also reported to behave differently in the area.

Unexplained activity is also reported to happen in the basin; the locals report strange lights, UFO sightings and alien encounters. Some theorists proposed the continued existence of a portal in the area. Mexican ranchers tell tales of mysterious lights hovering over the Silent Zone and strangers appearing out of thin air. Multiple witnesses report encountering the same three blonde humans that claim they “came from above”.

Disk-shaped objects were also seen and they left behind physical evidence consisting of vegetation burned in circular patterns at the UFOs’ landing sites.


Interestingly enough, the Silent Zone is located on the same parallel as the Bermuda Triangle and the Egyptian pyramids. Is it possible a correlation exists between these geographically distant areas? Is the Bolsón basin in Mexico yet another mysterious Bermuda Triangle?

As always, tangible evidence was not provided or perhaps is being kept secret. Regardless of the official answers provided, the area is home to several phenomena that defy explanation. We are left wondering whether the unusual magnetic properties of the Silent Zone are a natural occurrence or are caused by something that we do not yet understand.


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