Military Police Officer Shot and Killed an Alien Being

It is revealed in a bizarre UFO case that an alien being was shot dead at a U.S. Air Force base. State Police requested entry to investigate the sighting of UFOs flying near the McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix Base in Trenton, New Jersey. A Fort Dix military Police Officer reportedly saw a low-flying object passing over his car as he drove.

After stepping on the brake, he allegedly saw a small being with a large head in front of his car. The big-headed alien has black eyes and a very slender body.

In a panic, the police officer stepped out from the car, pulled out a .45 automatic gun, and then demanded the strange-looking being to lay on the ground.

However, his request was ignored, forcing him to fire several shots.

The creature allegedly still managed to jump a fence into the McGuire base and head down a runway. However, it eventually collapsed and died, according to the case.

Sgt. Jeff Morse, who allowed police access to the scene, is listed as a witness. However, it is possible that this was just a fictitious name to cover his true identity.

The body was reportedly recovered without any signs of life.  They were in shock, but still followed the protocol of roping off the area.

A group of military officers arrived in the area in blue berets, distancing Sgt. Morse from the area. Morse had never seen this group before, but it appeared they were taking charge of the situation.

Sgt. Morse provided more details about the incident when UFO researcher Leonard Springfield did an interview with him. Morse allegedly stated that he was never close enough to observe details of the alien, such as hands, feet, and facial features. However, he said that he saw the skin wet, shiny, and snake-like under the glare of truck headlights.

He further described the entity as around four feet in height, of grayish-brown coloration with thin arms and legs, slender torso, and large head.

The remains of the alien was carefully placed on a wooden-framed platform. Then eventually they were transferred into a big square silver metal container with same blue markings. Morse, according to Springfield, estimated the silver container to be approximately 10 x 10 feet.

Extraterrestrial Shot and Killed


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