‘Minotaur’ Born in Thai Village, Locals Start Worshiping It

Not long ago, in a small village in Thailand, a cow gave birth to human-like calf. Believing it possesses special powers, hundreds of locals journeyed to ask for its blessing.

Images started appearing in 2009 and they show an odd ceremony taking place around an unusually-looking dead calf.


During its funerary ritual, villagers poured baby powder onto the body while burning incense to ward off evil spirits.


Military presence suggests the photos are genuine.


Some of the villagers were concerned the creature was the result of an unholy union between a man and a buffalo and chose not to attend the ceremony.


These photos have since caused heated debates. Some believed the calf was the result of a naturally-occurring genetic mutation.


Others accuse the use of pesticides as a source for its condition.


A smaller group of people consider it an alien hybrid or the product of genetic engineering gone wrong.

Ragnar Larsen

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