Mummified Creature found in Abandoned Russian Laboratory – Is it Human or Alien?

Russian Police have made a chilling find in an abandoned pathology laboratory in western Siberia.

An investigation was launched after a medical college student stumbled upon a derelict building housing jars of human organs, bones and ‘withered corpses’, reports Evidence suggests the facility functioned as recently as 2012.

Georgy Grigorchuk, the student who made the grisly discovery, said that he had heard about this place from some of his colleagues:

I learned about this place from other students of my medical college,” he told authorities. “I heard that in this laboratory were a lot of abandoned things – books lying around, organs in glass jars, all sorts of documents. It was very interesting for a medical student,” Grigorchuk added.

alien 11


This is just one of the many bodies of young children found. Most of them have scars as a result of the surgical procedures carried out.

Blood test slides and surgical books were also found in the ruined building and files detailing the procedures carried out on bodies were strewn across the floor. Skulls and plastic bottles containing various remains gathered dust on the shelves.

Human or alien hybrid?

The building was abandoned when the pathology facility was moved inside the regional hospital, but nobody knew that so much had been left behind.

Blood test slides, books and documents litter the building.
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“It was very interesting for a medical student.”

The scandalous incident has left the local population angry, shocked and in dire need of answers.

Ragnar Larsen

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