Mysterious Marcahuasi Stone Forest: Doorway to Another Dimension?

The Marcahuasi stone forest can be found in the Andes Mountains east of Lima, the capital of Peru. Located 12,500 feet above sea level, this mysterious place was first investigated by paranormal writer Daniel Ruzo in the 1950’s.


This unusual place is home to a large number of huge and curiously-shaped granite rocks that resemble human faces, animals and religious symbols. There is an immense granite boulder that looks like a human head staring at the sky and it is said to resemble the famous face on Mars. Rocks that simulate human mouths and chins are a common occurrence.

No one knows how these strange rock formations have come to be and many speculations exist regarding their origins. If these structures aren’t natural, who made them? Their age would make them far older than any known civilization.

But the area has even more mysteries. According to old legends and more recent tales, the Marcahuasi stone forest houses an inter-dimensional door. Many believe this would explain the strange phenomena that take place in the area. The doorway is said to be one of the many signs left behind by the previous humanity, an advanced civilization that flourished and perished long before written history.

Intriguingly, the legends of the Hopi Indians of North America tell a similar story. According to their myths, our current humanity is the fourth to have attained a considerable level of technology and sophistication.

Could the Marcahuasi stone forest be home to an inter-dimensional pathway left behind by an ancient and highly-advanced civilization? If so, where are they now? Could this explain similar strange phenomena around the world?


Another famous and strange event is connected to this seemingly otherworldly place.

Peruvian paranormal investigator Dr. Raul Rios Centeno was once visited by a patient who suffered from a sudden and unexplained case of hemiplegia, an affliction that caused the entire left side of her body to become paralyzed. The woman told him she had been out camping with her friends in the Marcahuasi forest. She had been tempted to enter a stone cabin from which she heard music coming out. According to her account, she felt an unexplained attraction and was dragged away by one of her friends just before she could enter the cabin.

Following this incident, the entire left half of her body was left paralyzed and no tests were able to reveal the true nature of her disorder. Dr. Centeno believed she had experienced a dimensional shift that reversed the energy flow of her nervous system.

As strange as these incidents might seem, they are neither unique nor restricted to a particular geographic area. Mysterious places such as the Marcahuasi stone forest can be found all over the globe. Can we really explain all of them as the result of hoaxes, superstition or illusion?

Ragnar Larsen

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