Mystery of the Wardenclyffe Tower

When two or more oscillators begin to pulse with sufficiently small difference in time (with small shift in phases) their oscillations come to coincidence spontaneously. They behave according to the principle of minimum energy since every separate pendulum requires less quantity of energy with synchronous pulsation than in the case of arrhythmia.

This co-ordination is everywhere, but we rarely notice it.

We can say that all animate things are oscillators, which pulse and change their rhythms. Even the simplest unicellular organism is in complex oscillatory state. All motions on subatomic, atomic, molecular, sub-cellular and cellular levels are coordinated. In such an organism like a human one it is very difficult and even impossible to determine corresponding parameters.

Our inner rhythms are closely interconnected and they are coordinated with external world. Physics of a man and states on his rarefied plan (astral) change in one rhythm with the Earth’s movement around the Sun, with ebbs and flows, change of day and night and with many other cosmic rhythms.

With violation of coordination between these rhythms organism feels discomfort and even presentiment of near illness.

Our physical body serves as exponent of our inner leading pulse and at the same time, it is our individual distinction in Cosmos.

The so-called “fine body” in essence has an electromagnetic material base. Live of each of us is characterized by certain rhythmical scheme, which is subjected to physical death and retains an extracorporeal experience of the spirit, which should be reincarnated.

There is a supposition that the so-called “Shuman Waves” takes place in the telepathic transmission of image and thought. These are waves of 7, 8 Hz frequency, which form a field of standing waves in the space between ionosphere of the Earth and its surface. It is our natural electromagnetic layer, which can be fully felt at the seashore or in the forest, though sea and forest absorb other harmful frequencies.

It may occur that a brain enters the state of resonance with some external structure; a result will be appearance of its image at a distance, i.e. there is a contact made by means of resonance but not by means of radiation. Since these waves have a big length (38 000 km), then transmission takes place immediately.

Waves with such an extreme low frequency cannot be screened by usual means. In essence, waves of an organism often coincide with these waves by phase.

However, the problem is that waves with such low frequencies can transmit quite little information and therefore it is often impossible to receive a clear picture and give a full description of images of things.

Modern holistic (integral) approach to understand the Universe has sacral traditions per se. These traditions were laid in foundation of any religion, which are Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, where we can find a clear statement that every part of Cosmos includes the whole.

It is analogous to the principle of holography. It is considered that we can make a full hologram of the Universe based on any of its small parts. Formation of this hologram can take an arbitrary long time.

Hologram of a real man is something different from physical basis of ideal cosmic rhythm.

Consciousness, which is a continual manifestation of rarified substance (astral) of a man, is shifted by its phase in comparison with genetic material, and conscious will is only a one of universal instruments of cosmic purposefulness. A “right” man acting in a “right place” is a man whose intentions are coordinated with cosmic rhythm.

Conscious intention has a big power, and our main choice is to take a responsibility for its results.

So, actually we are made of waves but not of matter, which is called “solid”. All that we call things and events is a manifestation of acting of these waves. Every man has its unique cosmic identifier assigned by a certain function of waves, which represent us.

Every man has his own hologram, which contains a universal information about time. Identifier is a main element of Cosmos; it characterizes an individual specificity of a subject, who using this identifier can influence on everything by methods, which even seem to be unusual.

We are a peculiar hologram, so potentially we know all about all.

The secret of Wardenclyffe Tower is deep-hidden, and it is impossible to speak about its real destination now.

Nevertheless, many things show that the object built by Tesla in Long Island (that time it was a New York suburb) went ahead of all dreams of modern scientists. It was a translator of electromagnetic wave system, which could be easily checked.

By means of these waves that scientist called earthquakes, “mental” shifts in people and animals, fired the atmosphere, made impenetrable energy barriers in ionosphere, controlled time, split and condensed the clouds by means of corresponding frequency of waves and, finally, he got an inexhaustible energy from ether using a principle of “ether” technology, which is still unknown for us.

Great Master Tesla demonstrated his experiments to numerous witnesses, but he never announced all results and devoted anybody to his scientific principles.

Real reasons to build this giant electromagnetic and mechanical oscillator were the motives much more serious than we can imagine.

A report by W. Pickering, professor of Harvard observatory, named as “Alternating light from Mars”, was published in “New York Times” on January 16, 1901.

It may be shortened like:

“Last year in the beginning of December we got a telegram from Lowell observatory at Arizona.

This telegram informed that a strong light flux was noticed coming from Mars and lasted for 70 minutes. Lowell observatory specializes on observations of Mars, and observer was an attentive, approved and experienced man, so we have no doubt in his statements.

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Ragnar Larsen