Nashville UFO – 1989 Photos

Photographs of UFOs circled through the media last week as U.S. Navy Commander turned whistleblower decided that now was the time to release classified information, mostly photographs which would serve as confirmation of UFO existence.

Photos of a UFO launch and several others were produced last week by Navy Commander Graham Bethune. The photos date back to 1989 and are shocking as they make the rounds through the media. Bethune is currently retired and felt that the truth was more important than his U.S. Military standing and reputation.

Bethune claims that the photos came from a close friend of his. This friend, who requests and maintains anonymity, sent the photos to Bethune, claiming that he rendezvoused with another form of intelligence and took these photos then. At that moment, the photos were taken on September 27, 1989.

The location of the photos was somewhere around Nashville, Tennessee. Reportedly, the photos are of a theatrical reenactment, including real alien spacecraft. Strong circular columns of light come down from the craft as it appears to be either taking off or landing.

Nasville, ’89

The story behind them is that the photographer was driving just outside of Nashville, through an unknown rural area of town, looking to take pictures of the night sky on July 14, 1989. Behind a line of trees, the photographer saw a light, which appeared to be active and moving. So, at about 9: 00 PM he stopped his car and took two models of a camera from his trunk. One was a Canon AE-1, and another was a Canon T-90.

As a professional photographer, he moved toward the mountain and line of trees to see a better view. From there, he took the recently released stunning photographs. He projects that he was six miles away but still got amazing shots. In the end, he used the rest of his film to take these photos. The National UFO Center believes these photos to be genuine, as the film shows a central discharge for taking off. The individual credited with the photos still stays anonymous, and the photos are still investigated and studied to this day.

Ragnar Larsen