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The Nazca Lines In Peru


The discovery of a strange “alien” body in Peru near the Nazca Lines could be a “double-whammy” of a discovery. Should the results come back indicating it is indeed the preserved remains of an extra-terrestrial being, it would also endorse, if only in part, the ancient astronaut hypothesis – certainly enough to legitimately fund further and serious research, not to mention giving the history books another update.

And according to the preliminary reviews from fundamental examinations, researchers strongly consider the find could prove to be “a species unlike anything found in the fossil record!”

The fact the discovery happened on the same land as the Nazca Lines is already a strong indicator of something a little more mysterious than the remains of a human mummy. Local residents and tribes of the area maintain the Nazca Lines were “not the work of men, but of demigods, the Viracochas!”

Many researchers and authors have sited the Nazca strains as being key examples of alien intervention in human history. Those include such writers as Erich Von Daniken, Graham Hancock and David Childress to call some.

The discovery became public knowledge in June 2017, when videos and small press releases regarding the discovery appeared online. Investigative journalist, Jaime Maussan is the original source of the find. He would state his belief that it is “one of the most important” of this century.

The mummified remains are extremely well preserved and are thought to date to around 245-410 AD. The hands are very clearly elongated, with three very distinct fingers. It also appeared to have a complex rib-cage and internal bone structure. Three “toes” are present on each foot, with the joint segments in both the fingers and toes outnumbering by far what a human would have.

Ancient Peruvian gods – prominently featured in wall paintings and artwork of ancient sites throughout the country – are all depicted as having three fingers and toes. In fact there are many apparent extra-terrestrial connections to the ancient world of Peru.

​Before we look at some of the alien connections in Peru’s ancient legends, check out the video below. It looks at the recent find of the “unidentified” being.


Many historic web sites in Peru have robust links to alien influence – For example, some of the purely gigantic stones at sites such as Cusco or Sacsayhuaman. Both their size and the way they are positioned to the point where, like the pyramids, not even a blade of grass can penetrate. A similar site is found at Machu Picchu, where even the choice of stone calls into question the technology available to those that used it.

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