The Nazca Lines In Peru

Perhaps the most intriguing site in Peru is that at Hayu Marca – known locally, and in legend, as the “Gate of the Gods”.

Most sources report the site being discovered by a local man, Jose Luis Delgado Mamani, who was attempting to “map out” the area in anticipation of an upcoming job as a tour guide. Tribes who had been native to the area for many thousands of years, told Mamani of the site’s name, and told him the gods themselves had once used it as a “gateway” to their land.

What stunned Mamani even more than the stories he heard from the local tribes, was the fact he claimed to have been besieged by dreams of this “doorway” for years beforehand. Within the large doorway, a smaller doorway would open, revealing a “shimmering tunnel” beyond a “brilliant blue light!”

​In reality, there did appear to be

two doors, in a “T” shape within each other, at this mysterious gateway. Legends claim that the larger door was for “the gods” to pass through, while the smaller door was for “mortals” who had been granted permission to pass through to the land of the gods. Once they did pass through this doorway, legend further states they would become immortal also. Should this description be taken at face value? Or might it be some kind of reference to the passing of the body to the afterlife?

Perhaps further legends and accounts should be looked at, such as that of Amaru Maru, an Incan priest, who while fleeing the invading Spanish with a golden disk – the “key of the gods of the seven rays!” – managed to open the doorway, and pass through to the other side. According to legend, he presented the Shaman priests who guarded the doorway with the disk, who then ritualistically placed the disk within the wall next to the door, which then opened before him. Beyond the doorway was a “shimmering tunnel” in a “great blue light!”

​Incidentally, a “round indentation” does exist within the wall next to the “smaller” doorway. Make of that what you will.

Check out the video below. It looks at this ancient site in a little more detail.

Ancient Aliens: Peru's Gate of the Gods | History

With all that history – albeit based in legend – the recent find looks all the more credible. Indeed the amount of respected scientists who are involved in the project would suggest how serious it is taken. Perhaps then, that seriousness should be taken up a further level when we consider that this most recent find is far from the only one. In fact, it is one of many.

The evidence is mounting more and more that civilizations of highly advanced technology and knowledge existed in this part of the world hundreds and thousands of years ago. Whether that civilization was extra-terrestrially influenced or not is open to debate, but that there is something to research and investigate is surely beyond doubt.

Check out the videos below that look at some of these in a little more detail. They look at some of the more interesting finds in Peru, as well as a three-part look at what appear to be “alien mummies”, whose presence would appear to be rife in this part of the world.

Two Strange Organic Artifacts Found In The Desert Of Nazca In Peru
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