The NWO Agenda is The Alien Agenda


The ones listed first here are more “provable” to the rational, logical mind, for those interested in hard evidence:

Photographic and video evidence of ETs and UFOs

Eyewitness accounts of alien contactees and alien abductees of their encounters and interactions with ETs

Alien, abduction and UFO researchers (ufologists) who have listened to and collected hundreds of case files of contactees and abductees

Testimony of former governmental and military insiders who saw case files and worked in “alien departments” of their organizations

Declassified governmental and military documents and case files

Past and present stories, myths and legends from all over the world

We will go through each of these below, but first, let’s consider the story of Phil Schneider.

Phil Schneider was the first to state:

“The New World Order agenda is the alien agenda.”

The Alien Agenda According to Phil Schneider

Military engineer and geologist Phil Schneider was a brave whistle-blower, who went public in 1995 (and was murdered by “suicide” a year later in 1996).

He is the one who first voiced the sentence “The New World Agenda is the alien agenda” – and he would have known, because according to his claim, he personally came face-to-face with both hostile Grey and hostile Reptilian ETs while working on the construction of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Incredibly, Schneider got into a gun fight with some of these ETs, which resulted in a exchange of fire where Schneider was wounded and the ET was killed.

Schneider’s accounts include a host of other stunning claims, such as detailed descriptions of underground bases and cities beneath America, the US Government’s secret deals with hostile ETs, the advanced alien technology being used by secret US agencies, the existence of “corbomite” (element 140), mining operations on the moon and the alien/NWO genocidal agenda to reduce the earth’s population by 85%.

As much as possible, Schneider backed up his assertions by showing his scar to the cameras, as well as what he claimed was a sample rock of corbomite.

Cynthia Drayer, Phil’s ex-wife, has highlighted the many suspicious details surrounding Schneider’s death.

Schneider was close friends with Al Bielek, the man involved in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project.

In this video Bielek reveals special information that Schneider had confided in him, including tales of 7 foot Grey aliens dictating policy at a secret UN underground base, and how Schneider secretly flew to Japan in a private jet to reveal how the Kobe “earthquake” was a nuclear attack by the US.

Schneider’s account is also corroborated by the Dulce Papers (or Dulce Book) which talk of a fight between humans and aliens in 1979 at the underground base at Dulce, New Mexico.

Now let’s look at some of the proof of an alien agenda.

Alien Agenda – Photographic and Video Evidence

Thanks to the spread of technology, there is plenty of genuine photographic and video evidence for the existence of UFOs, despite the internet also being flooded with fake photos and fake footage.

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