Oddly-shaped Unexplained Siberian Crater


The Patomskiy crater in Siberia is one of several places on Earth that defy explanation. It was discovered in 1949 by geologist Vadim Kolpakov although the local Yakut people have known about its existence for several generations. They called it the ‘Fire Eagle Nest’ and believed it was an ‘evil place’ that even the animals avoided.

The giant crater has a height of around 250 feet and an estimated age of around 250 years. Some speculate it was formed by a meteorite although no traces were found. The area hasn’t seen volcanic activity in the past few million years. Also, the nearby trees exhibit an accelerated growth, similar to those found in the forests near Chernobyl.
In 2005, an expedition was launched but the leader died of a heart attack just a few miles from the crater. Were the locals right?



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