Operation Mainbrace: UFOs, USOs & NATO

In 1952, a large scale naval operation attracted the attention of several UFOs and unidentified submerged objects. Multiple credible military witnesses saw them and rumors say General Dwight Eisenhower was also present.

Called Operation Mainbrace (September 14-25, 1952), this naval exercise organized by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) involved armed forces from the United States, the UK, Canada, France, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. Approximately 80,000 men aboard 1,000 planes and 200 ships participated in a display of force meant to demonstrate NATO’s effectiveness in the event of the Soviet Union attacking western Europe.

This massive operation caught the eye of everyone in the vicinity and, apparently, not all of them were human. The first two incidents occurred during the first day of demonstrations. Naval personnel aboard several ships in the Atlantic filed reports about a large, blue/green triangle-shaped UFO flying low, at a speed of approximately 1,500 mph.

Shortly after, three UFOs were spotted flying in a triangular formation, at a similar speed. They left behind a visible trail in the form of “white light exhaust.

On September 19, 1952, Royal Air Force personnel stationed at RAF Topcliffe in England also spotted a UFO as one of their planes was coming in for landing. Multiple radar operators saw the silver, circular object  perform impossible maneuvers and accelerate incredibly fast. Lieutenant John Kilburn recalled:

Suddenly it accelerated at an incredible speed towards the west turning onto a south-easterly heading before disappearing. All this occurred in a matter of fifteen to twenty seconds. The movements of the object were not identifiable with anything I have seen in the air and the rate of acceleration was unbelievable.”


The next sighting occurred the following day and, fortunately, a photographer was present. Unfortunately, the photos he took were never made public.

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