People With RH Negative Blood Are Of Alien Origin

Researchers discovered that modern medicine human blood has been categorized into four different types: A, B, AB and O. One of the biggest differences in the blood types is down to the amount of protein in the blood type, but, there is a blood type called RH negative and this is an exception that is interesting as it does not have proteins in it.

Researchers have come up with many theories as to why there is protein deficiency, and one of the theories was that people with RH negative blood are alien. This means that around 15% of the people on Earth may have come from a different planet.

Characteristics That Are Unique In People With RH Negative Blood

There is no denying that people who have RH negative blood have some characteristics that are unique. In regards to blood donations, this is a type of blood that can help anyone. On the other hand, those with RH negative blood are limited when it comes to receiving blood, as they can only have their blood type. Many of the people with this type of blood come from the north of England, despite the fact that geographically they do represent a percentage of the population that is solid.

The question of origins, however, has been unanswered. Scientists looked into the history35,000 years ago and it seems that people with the blood type are related to a group of tribes along with territories in Europe.

People with the blood type do share some characteristics that are common, such as having a body temperature that is lower than the average person, red hair, green or blue eyes and sensitivity to high temperature. People with blood type are said to be more emotional and physically aware. The theory of alien origins was sparked by the circumstances of pregnancies of the woman with RH negative blood. Many would have a very difficult time delivering the baby with RH negative blood because the human body tries naturally to kill the child.

Ragnar Larsen