Photos of the Roswell Alien to be Revealed on May 5, 2015


Back in November, we ran a short article about Roswell researcher and author Tom Carey and his announcement about new information regarding the well-known incident. We’ve got some updates and we wanted to share them with you.

The Roswell UFO crash is undoubtedly the most famous incident of its kind and needs little to no introduction. Over the years, books have been written and movies have been made on this subject and it’s pretty much given rise to the UFO hunter counterculture. Despite its major impact, there isn’t much physical evidence to support the scenario of a flying saucer crashing in New Mexico in 1947.

However, if Tom Carey is true to his word, things are about to change.

On the 5th of May, an event will be held at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, and during this event we’ve been told we should expect some new evidence to be made public. This proof will come in the form of the much-tooted Roswell Slides, a set of Kodachrome images that allegedly show a deceased small humanoid that was not born into this world.

Should this information prove accurate, we might witness the biggest breakthrough since the term UFO was coined.

According to Carey, the Kodachrome slides have been authenticated by experts and have been confirmed to originate from the Roswell UFO crash.


Who’s this expert? you might ask.

We’ll just have to wait and find out since his identity will be made public on May 5. According to what information we were able to find, this mystery expert has worked as a photo scientist at Kodak for several decades and is quite a reliable source. That remains to be seen but we do hope this information is accurate.

What Roswell slides? you might ask. Where have they been all this time? we might add.

According to Carey, the images were found a while back, while an attic was being cleaned out. A chest containing a copious amount of Kodachrome slides was found in that attic and hidden inside the inner lining of the chest was an envelope containing two images never before released to the public.

The attic and the chest had belonged to a now-deceased couple. The husband, Bernard A. Ray had been an oil exploration geologist that worked in the Roswell area right around 1947. Although Ray was the President of the Texas branch of the American Institute of Petroleum Geologists, curiously enough, his activity ceased altogether after 1947 and he made no appearances and published no papers following this date. Intriguing.

His wife was a high-end lawyer with intelligence connections. She was friends with influential individuals in both public and private sectors.

According to what has been made public so far, these two people were of the highest integrity and were in positions that could have allowed them to obtain these slides. In fact, the other slides in the chest showcased famous people such as President Dwight Eisenhower.

OK, we’ll bite.

The Kodachrome slides belonged to a respectable and connected couple and an expert allegedly authenticated them. Since we advocate open-mindedness, we encourage you to wait until the official presentation and draw the conclusions after. After all, there are only three possible scenarios: 1) the truth will emerge; 2) this is just another hoax and 3) we’ll be left with even more questions and puzzles.

We’ll keep you posted.


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