Plane Crashes Into Mountainside, Where Are the Bodies?

On September 18, 1944, a C-47 airplane left Elmendorf Air Force Base at Anchorage Alaska. Its destination was Ladd Field, located in Fairbanks and it was carrying 19 passengers plus crew on a routine flight but unfortunately, they encountered turbulent weather.

Days passed and the aircraft never reached is destination so a search and rescue mission was mounted. Due to numerous obstacles, it took the rescue team 53 days to reach the site and that’s when things took a strange turn. They managed to find the wreckage but there was absolutely no trace of the passengers.

They determined the plane had crashed into Mt. Deception near its peak and then tumbled down 1,200 feet. The plane had been carrying a full load of fuel yet there was no sign of any explosion or fire. Despite extensive searches, no signs of its 19 passengers were ever found. There were no bodies, no traces of flesh, hair or blood present at the site.

This proved unsettling as the mangled wreck of the C-47 was buried in the avalanche it caused after crashing into the mountainside.

What happened to its crew of 19 and the two pilots? This isn’t the only case when wreckage was found but the passengers disappeared without a trace. Had they all jumped before the impact or were they taken by someone or something before the plane crashed?

To this day, nobody knows.


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