Planet Earth : History 101

by Jim Euclid

Our universe is approximately 27 trillion years old, and the earth about 7.5 billion years.

Recently (approximately 22 million years ago), the Founders (the Paa-Tal) terraformed Earth as a planet to be used as a place for habitation by sentient beings (animal, plants and minerals).

The motivation for creating third-density Earth was for a chance to experiment with consciousness, to descend into 3-D, to experience via ‘free-will’ and to then return to higher consciousness with all which has been learnt in order to ‘remember’ the fragments of the Founders.

By the end of this creative process by the Founders, which involved a consciousness technology of light infusion (bringing down consciousness from 11th density to a 3rd density), eventually resulted in light coalescing into matter.

By the end of the completion process, Earth was a conscious being, but could not support normal life and was merely an inhospitable rocky planetoid surrounded by methane, carbon-dioxide and nitrogen. No animals or plants could survive, and in this time, the only spirit life was those which could inhabit minerals and gases.

In time, water formed and over for many millennia, little was done in the way of changing the planet’s surface.

About 900,000 years ago, a hydrogen-based life form (the Ceecar, aka Alpha-Draconian Reptilian) developed the first biosphere (Eden) on the North American continent (what is now known as the New Mexico-Arizona border).

These ETs introduced the first animal and plant life upon the planet, which helped transform the harsh atmosphere in order to transform it to an oxygen and carbon-dioxide rich environment. Around this time, they captured and introduced the Greys from Zeta-Reticula and used them to assist in many planetary projects.

Major work was done on Earth to introduce most of the animals and plants seen in fossil records of the Paleozoic Era (554 to 245 million years ago).

The Ceecar were the first race in the Milky Way Galaxy to develop interstellar travel about 4 million years ago. The highest percentage of them are found in the Orion star system. They have a monarchy system of rule, a form of class system (composing Royalty, officers and peasants) similar to what is seen in present-day England and Europe.

They were responsible for making the planet hospitable to future animals, particularly mammals. From the Ceecar’s perspective, the mammals would be used to further establish a stable planetary environment that would no longer require an artificial biosphere to sustain it.

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