Planet Earth Terra-formation

Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension

E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang

These projects are so massive and involve complex cooperation between industry and government.

Regarding the amount of investment it takes to finance projects like these, in Earth An Alien Enterprise – The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History, Timothy Good quotes William J. Pawlec, a former U.S. Air Force computer and programming specialist:

“What concerns me is when these projects go ‘beyond black’ – people with ulterior motives have gotten in control of these projects and/or the funding of them, and/or the ability of what is really scary, to write their own unlimited checks with no recourse to anybody.

They are not even a budget item anymore. They literally authorize the Treasury to cut them checks, (and) it becomes evident that they have agendas that are independent of the goals of the United States.

And the attitude is seemingly one of control – power and control.”

William J. Pawlec

Meanwhile, the demolition of the environment only accelerates, and all the while it appears that nature is somehow being weaponized so that both the weather and the earth’s electromagnetic field can be utilized for geopolitical ends.

Regarding the use of technology to reshape the earth’s electromagnetic environment, Ferguson refers to Nicolay:

E.M. Nicolay says that perhaps the most destructive use of these technologies that have ‘weaponized’ our atmosphere is the use of the Earth itself,

“As a medium for transmitting massive scalar and electromagnetic energy waves that could silently be used for enormously destructive purposes anywhere in the world.”

Awareness of the potential for bullying countries into agreements regarding trade and military installations can be considered when we read of unprecedented anomalous hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, and bizarre firestorms.

They blame these occurrences on global warming, which then justifies more geoengineering. Read between the lines. Our planet is dying.


“By the mid to late 2010’s hardly any region on Earth was free of the newly ionized and metalized atmosphere, or by virtue of particle fallout, the ionization of the electromagnetic grid system of the planet.

Earth itself, and its atmosphere, were (are) now the ideal medium for the transfer of vast waves of scalar energy, which could be used to control weather patterns, control natural phenomena, or directed and delivered with near pinpoint accuracy and devastating results.”

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