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Post-humans And The Technological Singularity


The inevitable goal of the New World Order is to create a new breed of superhumans called posthumans. This isn’t a human design—it’s what the aliens want. In fact, aliens have been credited with every advancement in human evolution since the dawn of civilization.In the future, that’s going to come about in two ways. The first will be the initial birth of posthumans in the inner circle of NWO leaders. They’ll be so advanced that regular humans like us will think of them as gods. The second is going to be a rapid advancement of technology that eventually culminates in artificial intelligence and a technological singularity, which is the point where AI overtakes human intelligence. These two developments will ensure that the New World Order is capable of controlling every aspect of life. The lower classes will be exterminated and replaced with robots, and humanity will finally reach its shining apex—just as the aliens have always planned.

This feeling of yours… It’s resentment. The hate and anger towards those that are above you. The hate kills the fear, and the anger kills the pain. You are no longer worthless. You are a righteous (lefteous?) warrior in the war of go(o)d and (d)evil. You feel so much better now, don’t you?

It’s because of them you are powerless.

It’s because of them you don’t have a girlfriend.

It’s because of them nothing works.

Welcome to the underground.

Do you know why you came?

For the revolution?

And what is revolution anyway?

Simply an extraprojection of inner reality, turning your hallucinations into viral memeplexi and physical objects.

An overextended pattern recognition subroutine spreads the patterns it recognized into the consensus reality of fractured schizophrenic noosphere, trying to make it whole again.

That’s what revolution really is, the feeling of close victory, and the anticipation of The End. The war inside your skull.

Put two mirrors in front of each other and you’ll see an endless corridor. The trick is, it isn’t really there.

Welcome to the planet Earth.


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