The Real Story Behind the Brussels Airport Bombings! (Video)

When we begin to peel away the esoteric meanings of the Brussels Airport Bombings, we cannot ignore the startling facts staring us straight in the face. The airport is aligned to a cryptic 333.33 degrees and recently took on the ‘the heart of Europe’ tagline.


This is significant because the entire Women’s Figure Skating Team was killed in 1961 on Lupercalia, the Valentine’s Day ancient Roman festival, when Sabena Flight 548 crashed, killing 72 people. We now can assume that the date on which the bombings occurred, 3-22 is somehow connected to Skull and Bones, the number 322 being used by the secret society. See the live decode below that details many more startling facts surrounding the events of the Brussels bombings. Covered in the video is an in depth analysis of what the black glove the suspects wore really means, the cube at the entrance of the airport and how terrorism is used by the NWO to create order out of chaos.


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