Did Russia Already Have a Death Ray Gun


A number of Russians witnessed the event, which was reported by the Soviet news agency Tass. A similar phenomenon was seen over neighbouring Finland.

Witnesses in Helsinki stated that a strange and unusual “ball of fire was visible for about four minutes.”

tesla_ray_a tesla_ray_c

An article in the JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RERSEARCH by Dr. B.N. Turuan stated that U.S. military intelligence satellites have also reported sighting what are apparently monster lightning bolts over the U.S.S.R. Dr. Thurman revealed that the “superbolts” were thousands of times more powerful than any previously sighted there.

According to Dr. Turuan, these “super bolts” have electrical power to about 10 TRILLION WATTS and total energies of more than a billion joules. Prior to the new Soviet sightings, the most powerful lightning bolts ever recorded were 10 billion watts and contained total energies of one million joules.

Anyone familiar with Nikola Tesla’s numerous experiments (especially those in Colorado Springs) would recognize that the strange Soviet super lightning bolts are probably the direct result of Russia’s use of the fantastically high power Tesla-style weather warfare attacks, nuclear fusion development, and the related particle beam death ray development. Tesla personally created lightning bolts about 1735 feet long, about 77 years ago.

The article in the June, 1976 issue of RADIO ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE described current US experimentation in creating gigantic Tesla-style man-made lightning and ball lightning (in the search for a fusion energy solution). However, the U.S. experiment is relatively tiny, compared to the massive Soviet efforts.

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