Satyr skeleton unearthed in Russia

Russia seems to be the center of many strange events at the moment. At the heels of newly-declassified photos, UFO sightings and hostile movements towards the next World War, Russia has revealed its latest mystery – the skeleton of a ‘fallen angel’.

Unearthed from an ancient burial mound in Stavropol Krai, this skeleton has the head of a young human but a strangely-deformed body similar to that of a goat., leading to suggestions that it was a type of satyr and in some way related to the giant skeletons recently found in Peru and Ecuador. Many speculate that these giants were the children of the Nephilim, said to be huge angels that found mates among earthly men. The children of these unions would have be giants, too.


Not only that, but a gigantic horse was found alongside the satyr, measuring two meters across its shoulders. The horse had been set on its back in a ‘bathtub’ filled with herbs. It’s highly likely that this was an honor given to it in death, and due to its proximity to the satyr, it would appear as if they died together.

Perhaps the satyr, as the child of a Nephilim and human, was a warrior of sorts with a horse of similarly angelic-proportions.


Ragnar Larsen

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