Sirius and the Children of Enoch

Throughout history, we’ve seen civilizations being built, and dying out. From the Mongolians in the east (although not completely dead) to the Native Americans in the west (not dead either).

We know through archeological findings that these tribes and civilizations each had their own way of documenting/writing down their research and findings in different ways. An example is the hieroglyphic language.

Often when we find something from another time, we have a hard time understanding what symbols, tokens or carvings mean. And it’s very easy to disregard some parts of the documentation when we don’t really understand the meaning of the symbols.

As we mentioned, there are many documented tribes around the globe. Some still surviving on their own, with their own society and system, telling stories of gods and creatures much older than the ones we believe in today. Specifically, the god who came to Earth and enlightened us with their vast knowledge.

The Children of Enoch

In some instances, they are called ‘The Children of Enoch’ and are described as beings being superior to humans and come from a distant space or dimension. Indications point towards the star we now call SIRIUS. The visitors might have either visited or indirectly given birth to the Sumerian civilization and even erected dominating civilizations like the Toltec, Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans; with the capabilities of raising structures that have modern day scientists scratching their scalps.

The ancient African tribe called Dogon spoke of a ‘Dark sister’ since before documented history.

They had a lot of information about a nearby star system and its functioning. Meanwhile, we didn’t discover the mentioned system until 1844, by a German astronomer named Friedrich Bessel discovered some strange behavior coming from the system.

He discovered that Sirius followed a peculiar path but couldn’t determine why. What he could conclude from his observations was that there was another body, similar in size, that was altering its course. The not yet discovered object remained a mystery.

Future astronomers were able to establish that the invisible object that was interfering with Sirius’ pathing. The object was named Sirius B. The object was in fact a degenerate dwarf, which means a planet, or a body has a much heavier mass in proportion to its size or volume.

It took advanced tech to come to this conclusion, but the Egyptians or Dogon knew about this 5 000 years ago.

Back to the present

The fact that ancient people from different periods of time and parts of the globe had this knowledge in astronomy is still baffling. Considering the time it took us to make the same discoveries, decades later.

Modern science can also conclude that the system is moving towards our own solar system at a slow pace, but constant. It’s already not that far away from us, but it will get even brighter and easier for us to see as time passes.

This information had to come from their deities that visited them. How can a smaller tribe or people come to these conclusions without any help from something (?) or without the access to the technological advancements of our time?

The Dogon tribe had the most specific and vast information about this star system and claim there’s also a third star named Emme YA in the Sirius system we have no knowledge about.

Looking at their artwork, alien contact was a reality for them.

Isn’t it a fact that ‘The Children of Enoch’ visited our planet many years ago, with all this in mind?
All the things that world leaders around the world are hiding and have been hiding for decades.
Every part of the globe has been under some kind of rule in recent history (span of 3 000 years). We can only imagine the amount of knowledge that’s been destroyed just to support each regime who rose to power.

Cover-ups in history

The Romans wiped all information about the Etruscan League and came up with lies about that great culture and civilization that they destroyed. Carthage as an example.

Napoleon burned and destroyed the great Library of Alexandria when he had an incident and got scared when visiting the site. With this, precious information and drawings about the Alien visits must have been lost forever. This was, after all, an ancient site left behind by the Babylonian civilization. The same civilization that made their society flourish with better living standards such as effective plumbing systems.

We think we know a lot about our history and what our ancestors did, but many know that we don’t really have a clue about what actually happened when The Children of Enoch visited us.

Ragnar Larsen