Six Mysterious Creatures Lurking In The Darkness

One late night you find yourself driving through a forested area. At the end of your headlights’ reach you spot a shadow in the middle of the road. You slow down, thinking it’s a deer but as you get closer it starts looking human-like. As it makes a run for the forest you take one good look at it and realize it’s neither human nor animal but something in between. You do the sensible thing and floor it, not quite pleased with the chills now running down your back. It couldn’t have been anything supernatural, after all, every report of strange creatures was made by either pranksters or people seeing things that weren’t really there, right? Right?

The Loveland Frogmen

frog man

Admittedly, there isn’t much to fear about an anthropomorphic frog, is there? Nobody would run away screaming if they met Kermit. Walking home one night in 1955, a man from Loveland, Ohio heard some particular noises coming from under a bridge. Curiosity made him take a peek and under said bridge he saw three creatures about 3 feet ( 1 meter) tall. They had wrinkled leathery skin and one of them held a rod in its webbed hands. When the rod started making sparks, the man ran in horror. As the years passed, sightings increased.

On March 3, 1972 a police officer encountered a similar creature on a bridge over Little Miami River. Not believing his eyes, he recruited fellow officer Mark Matthews. When they investigated the area they found a set of unusual scratch marks under the bridge. A few weeks passed and it was officer Matthews’ turn to run into the frogman on a roadside. He opened fire but the creature got away. No photographic proof exists but why would a couple policemen open themselves to ridicule if nothing was really there?

The Dover Demon

dover demon

Residents of the quiet town of Dover, Ohio lost their tranquility during the course of two nights in April 1977. A strange-looking creature was seen on three separate occasions. Witnesses describe it as a 3-foot-tall hairless slender being, with a disproportionately large head and glowing orange eyes. Its skin texture resembled sandpaper and had a tan color. It had no mouth, nose or ears but was able to make chilling screeching and hissing noises.

The people of Dover never found out whether this thing was an alien, the escaped product of genetic experiments or something from another dimension.

Am Fear Liath Mòr

grey man

Scotland’s highlands are sights to behold and they’re good examples of beauty meets mystery. The Ben MacDui is the highest peak of the Cairngorm mountains, a fog-shrouded rocky and barren place. It is also a place of solitude, with no human settlement for miles. And according to some, the valleys and passes of Ben Macdui are home to the Am Fear Liath Mòr, the Big Grey Man.

Those who have seen it describe it as a very tall creature covered in short hair. Most of them have recalled sensing an unseen presence instilling feelings of dread. One account comes from British mountain explorer J. Norman Collie who climbed the mountain in 1895. While on the mountain, he began hearing loud footsteps behind him but the mist obscured his sight. His exact words were: “as  the eerie crunch, crunch, sounded behind me, I was seized with terror and took to my heels, staggering blindly among the boulders for four or five miles.” Other people have reported similar experiences, describing a tall short-haired creature accompanied by overwhelming feelings of fear and panic.

In the book 100 Strangest Unexplained Mysteries, author Matt Lamy notes the story of three men driving in the area in the early 1990’s. A tall creature with an inhuman face started running alongside their car, reaching speeds of around 45 mph ( 70 kph) in its attempt to enter the vehicle.

The Owlman


America has the Mothman, a famous cryptid that has books and a movie made out in its name. It even has a statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the place where it was first sighted. Its cousin across the pond is not as famous but equally scary.

It was first reported in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall, in the UK. On April 17, 1976 it was sighted hovering above the local church tower. The creature made a second appearance a couple of months later, in the same area. Witnesses described it as a large winged creature the size of a man, with a ghastly face, a wide mouth, glowing eyes, pointed ears and pincer-shaped claws.

In the following years there have been a few more sightings but it appears that the Owlman was just a passing fad.

Lake Worth Goatman


This bizarre creature made the front page in some Texas newspapers in 1969. Numerous sightings reported a dangerous inhabitant of the shores of Lake Worth. Several couples were chased off by a furry and scaly half-man, half-goat.

Their encounters were considered the product of hoaxes until a man by the name of Tommy Burson brought in his car for the police to investigate. He said that the Goatman jumped out of a tree and landed on his car. He had an 18-inch scar on his vehicle to back up his claim. The following night, ten people witnessed a creature hurling a tire at them.

Reports of a similar creature lurking around come from Louisville, Kentucky. Dubbed the Pope Lick Monster, this one is even more vicious, as urban legends attribute a number of killings to this being. Its MO includes hypnosis and voice mimicry as it lures unsuspecting passers to their deaths. Sometimes it even attacks its victims with a blood-stained axe. Several legends attempt to explain its origin and none are pretty. According to one of them, the Goatman is a circus freak seeking revenge for the mistreatment it suffered. Other locals say that it is the demonic reincarnation of a farmer who sacrificed goats in exchange for Satanic powers.

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp


This one is the scariest since it has what others lack: physical evidence supporting its existence. The first sighting was made by a local 17-year-old who stopped on a road near Scape Ore Swamp tho change a blown-out tire. At around 2 AM on June 29, 1988 Christopher Davis was just tightening the final nut on his wheel when he saw a tall creature rapidly approaching him. He jumped in his car and as he drove off, the beast jumped on his roof and tried to get in as a terrified Christopher swerved from side to side in an attempt to throw it off.

When he got home he saw that his side-view mirror was badly damaged and his roof held multiple scratch marks.

He described the thing as a 7-foot-tall reptilian-looking bipedal creature, with lizard-like skin and glowing red eyes. Its three-fingered hands ended in sharp claws of considerable length. Unbeknownst o Christopher, a similar report had been made two weeks prior to his encounter. On the morning of July 14, 1988 the Lee County Sheriff’s Office was called to the Waye residence near Bishopville, South Carolina to investigate a damaged vehicle. The vehicle in question had sustained extensive damage. The paintwork was severely scratched and the chrome molding had been torn away from the fenders, as if something had chewed at it. Clumps of reddish hair and muddy footprints surrounded the vehicle.

In the following month, several encounters were reported in the area and bite marks and scratches were found on cars parked near the swamps of Bishopville.

The most recent event occurred in 2008, when a Bishopville couple reported the same type of damage on their car, traces of blood and the disappearance of some of their cats. Soon after the incident, Sheriff E. J. Melvin discovered a dead cow and a dead coyote next to the couples’ home.



  1. The Goatman still makes me shiver. I get goosebumps when I think that these creatures could really exist.

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