Sodom Is Not Yet Completely Destroyed


Many cities were destroyed by nuclear weapons and not by natural events. Weapons that melted the rock, making this rock fused with the power of these ancient gods. Many researchers and archaeologists try to find the correspondence of real facts in order to give a certain value to the ancient history we read about our books.

These big cities were not the usual cities we know, but they were a city of greatness and beauty that surpassed our fantasies. Many attribute the destruction of these cities to earthquakes, meteorites and others, but make many mistakes. These cities were destroyed by nuclear weapons, which made the rocky rock, including all that contained the city itself. One day in the sand there will be unexplained technologies for us, because they belong to technologically advanced peoples. Nuclear was already known in remote times and somebody discovered this power, only by studying ancient finds and artefacts.

In this image of study, I have found remains of ancient ruins dating back long ago. Ruins belonging to remote times, far more than we know. They belong to ancient legends that are part of the known history. Statues now destroyed, where something is still clear and understandable. The statues like the heads of these huge statues were stronger than the high temperatures that had been created, so some of them were not totally destroyed.

Sodom is not yet completely destroyed


Ragnar Larsen